BYD Is Supercharging Its Workforce To Rule the Global EV Market

The Chinese manufacturer is notably expanding customer success

Jun. 4th, 2024
BYD Is Supercharging Its Workforce To Rule the Global EV Market
  • China is currently the fastest-growing market for electric vehicles. The growth is reflected in hiring demand at EV manufacturers. Chinese EV manufacturer BYD’s talent demand is growing faster than any other EV manufacturer currently.

  • In the last year, BYD has increased hiring for Customer Success Specialists thirteenfold and hiring for sales reps sevenfold. Currently, BYD has the largest number of job openings for Recruiter roles, indicating further planned hiring growth in the future.

  • BYD is also heavily recruiting in Europe, especially in the Netherlands and France, hinting at further European operation expansion.

The global electric vehicle market size was valued at USD 400 billion in 2023 and is expected to reach USD 950 billion by 2030. Yet, in the US, things are not looking so rosy. Tesla announced a round of mass layoffs recently and EV-only competitors Rivian and Lucid Motors are struggling with both production and sales targets. The European EV market is similarly sluggish.

It’s a very different story in China. Using our Revelio Labs workforce intelligence data, we can see that Chinese talent demand at major EV manufacturers (BYD, XPeng, and Nio being the largest) increased fivefold between January 2022 and January 2023 and remains elevated now at more than twice as high as a year and a half ago.


One Chinese manufacturer stands out in particular–BYD, short for “Build Your Dreams”–saw its talent demand more than double from Q2 2023 to now. This is not particularly surprising, as BYD overtook Tesla at the end of last year as the top seller of electric vehicles on the planet. With its cheap cars retailing at a starting price of USD 14,000, BYD is eating into Tesla’s global sales shares. Not only that, BYD also just introduced a new plug-in hybrid that is seriously giving Toyota a run for its money.


The fastest growing roles at BYD currently are Customer Experience specialists and Sales reps. BYD is fast expanding its sales operations to keep up with both domestic as well as international demand. Anyone who has recently been to Asia will know the many elegant BYD shops in fancy malls from Singapore to Hong Kong. The rapid expansion of customer success specialists also means that BYD is taking its post-sales and servicing of clients extremely seriously.


Looking into the future, BYD is gearing up for even more expansion. Currently, the company has the most open job postings for recruiters. This suggests that BYD plans to expand its recruiting efforts, indicating more employee growth for the company in the near future.


This recruiting expansion is not exclusive to China or even Asia. Following job postings in China, BYD has the most job openings in Europe, starting with the Netherlands, where European BYD headquarters are being set up, followed by France, Italy, and Germany. It looks like European streets will soon boast a lot more Chinese EVs.


Lisa K. Simon

Chief Economist

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