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JPMorgan Chase


JPMorgan Chase & Co. is an American multinational investment bank and financial services holding company headquartered in New York City.



Amazon.com, Inc., is an American multinational technology company based in Seattle, Washington.



SAP is a German multinational software corporation that makes enterprise software to manage business operations and customer relations.



Intel Corporation is an American multinational corporation and technology company headquartered in Santa Clara, California, in Silicon Valley.

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With Revelio Labs workforce data analytics, you can track when companies are hiring or losing talent, offshoring and outsourcing, growing in new markets, and many other metrics that help understand companies.


Access all workforce data analytics to get insights on company composition and trends.



Build custom reports for single or multi-company workforce intelligence.



See snapshots of company workforce composition through a simple interface.


Having easily attainable access to raw data is a quintessential component of making successful bids and investments into companies. While countless software and tools exist to manage common data sets, such as financial data, there is an ever-growing need for sophisticated solutions to track workforce data.

At Revelio Labs, we provide tools that enable individuals, companies, and investors of all sizes to manage and effectively track workforce dynamics. Updated monthly, our users have access to rich and current workforce data at their fingertips.

How Workforce Data Intelligence Helps You

Efficient data flow and data analytics can serve several purposes for businesses and individual workers, but is especially useful for large investments and acquisitions. Data is the master key to growing your portfolio, quantifying risk, and predicting future trends. High-quality data can help you identify companies on the rise, and compare key performance metrics against similar companies within the market. Accurate data can guide you to the companies where your industry expertise can be best utilized, and even help you spot under-the-radar opportunities.

The workforce data analytics tools from Revelio Labs seek to empower both individual investors and prominent venture capitalist firms with cutting-edge analytics that tracks major companies’ trajectories, hiring trends, and revenue worldwide. Our data allows users to see changes to the workforce in real-time, track when companies are growing, offshoring and outsourcing, expanding in new markets, and many other metrics that help understand when and where to allocate resources.

By taking raw data from across the working world and organizing it into a concise, easy-to-understand analytical overview saves our users countless hours of manual and expensive research, and provides accurate information you can be confident in to make the right decisions.


Through consolidating massive accumulations of public workforce data all into one place, Revelio Labs provides information on all public companies and over two million private companies. Our data sets are updated on a monthly basis, and our intuitive dashboard allows you to quickly search and view data on only the companies you are interested in and those that fit your search criteria.

Our proprietary software lets users build custom reports for single or multiple company workforce trends. Users can easily create insightful reports to compare and contrast valuable information. This includes projected revenue, employee salaries, employee geographical distribution, average employee tenure, expected skills and education, and much more.


The methods and models we use to obtain and verify our workforce data are the best in the industry. Our data scientists employ cutting-edge statistical analyses to eliminate expected data shortfalls such as sampling biases or reporting lags.

By gathering and interpreting data from a multitude of sources, including government filings, online professional profiles, job postings, and more, we can detect inaccuracies or inconsistencies that otherwise may have gone unnoticed and provide the most complete and highly accurate workforce data available.

Our data is updated monthly and delivered upon request, providing our users peace of mind that they are receiving the latest accurate information needed to make acquisition decisions on companies worldwide.


It is always valuable to analyze as much data history as possible to get the best visualization of any data set. For many ventures in search of data, a major pitfall is a lack of substantial timeframe of data. However, at Revelio Labs, our comprehensive data goes back well over a decade. By tracking information found in personal profiles, resumes, and job postings over this timeframe, our data provides rich insights that can be difficult to mine from other sources.

This extensive data history gives our users the advantage of understanding the marketplace trends and changes, thus allowing them to make more informed decisions.


Workforce data is constantly changing. As technologies continue to develop, companies and new jobs are created every day. The average investor has to systematically change strategies multiple times over the course of their careers. To keep up with this unpredictable and dynamic workforce, venture capitalist firms must continually update and adapt policies, positions, salaries, and locations.

Your workforce intelligence needs to be continually updated to keep pace with the rapidly changing business world. The data compiled and delivered by Revelio Labs is a proven tool that gives investors the signal they need to gain or maintain their market edges. As our data scientists comb through a bottomless ocean of workplace information, we can detect even small changes or variations month-to-month and provide you with a clear picture of the most recent findings and intelligence.

We have multiple delivery options available to suit any client’s needs, including raw data in any format for large research teams, summary reports for more specific or limited usage, and access to the Revelio terminal for a board view of any chosen company.

Whichever way you may need to view your data, you can count on it being recent, updated, and accurate, helping direct you in the critical decisions you need to make.

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