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The entire workforce revealed

Explore the world of workforce data to understand any company or market.

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Track companies and industries

Revelio Labs absorbs and standardizes hundreds of millions of publicly available employment records to create the world's first universal HR database, allowing anyone to see the workforce dynamics and trends of any organization.


Understand cities and states

See workforce data at a city and state level to understand changes in compensation and enhance your talent intelligence capabilities.


Analyze jobs and skills

Track how technology is impacting the workforce, identify skill gaps, hotspots, and how the occupational landscape is transforming.


Discover talent and prospects

By indexing all roles, skills, and activities, Revelio Labs delivers the most powerful talent discovery tool available, allowing anybody to find professionals, to either partner with or recruit.

Jeremy Baksht

quoteI honestly don’t know how anyone can understand the workforce without Revelio Labs. They have changed the game entirely.quote

Jeremy Baksht, Senior Director Data Ventures


The most comprehensive workforce database

By collecting and aggregating all publicly available professional profiles, job postings, employee sentiment reviews, and layoff notices, Revelio Labs provides the largest and most dynamic workforce database.

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20M+Mapped Companies

Entities are cleaned and mapped to subsidiary and holding companies.


Resume text is absorbed and standardized to deliver a normalized view of all roles, skills, and activities.

5.2K+Cities and states

Location is mapped to city, metropolitan area, state, and country.

3.4K+ Skills and activities

All aspects of a role are indexed to create hierarchical taxonomies.

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The most powerful and flexible workforce API

In addition to providing workforce data through data feeds and dashboard use, Revelio Labs also gives access through instant API requests.

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from Revelio_Labs import company

company_ids = [6535, 8043]

Comprehensive libraries

Revelio Labs libraries are available for all of the most commonly used languages and frameworks.

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