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Who we are:

Revelio Labs provides workforce intelligence. We absorb and standardize hundreds of millions of public employment records to create the world’s first universal HR database, allowing us to see current workforce composition and trends of any company. Our customers include investors, corporate strategists, HR teams, academics, and governments. We are working on some of the most challenging and cutting-edge data science problems. You will work with a team of data scientists and economists with advanced domain expertise. Our startup is small and growing quickly, with enormous potential for growth.

What we’re looking for:

Revelio Labs is looking for a Research Analyst to join the Economics team. The Economics team at Revelio Labs is charged with many exciting tasks: analyzing and deriving insights from our data, writing our weekly newsletter, collaborating on large-scale research projects with academics, working on internal models, and working with our clients to deliver custom insights. As a Research Analyst, you will contribute to the team and work alongside our economists and data scientists.

As the ideal candidate, you have some experience with empirical research and have experience loading, cleaning, analyzing and visualizing data using a scripting language. You have a keen interest in labor market trends, business analytics and human resources. You have a knack for asking interesting questions and telling a good story with data.You will contribute to writing the weekly newsletter. This includes coming up with interesting questions, analyzing, and interpreting our data, visualizing the key insights, and telling the story.

You will work for and with the senior economists and data scientists on longer-term projects, which include consulting or academic research collaborations. You will also work with the modeling team to help improve our product and learn about state-of-the-art machine learning and NLP algorithms and how to apply them. You will deliver custom-made insights from our data to our clients and will work closely with them to make sure that they are making the most of our product.

Experience and Skills:

  • Undergraduate degree in Economics or closely related field
  • Coursework or experience in applied economic research or data analysis is preferred
  • Python (pandas, numpy, matplotlib, Plotly)
  • SQL


Our offices are based in New York City, but the position can be done remotely.


The pay range for this position in New York City is $85,000 - $100,000 per year. The salary range for performing this role outside of New York City may differ. Base pay offered may vary depending on job-related knowledge, skills, and experience. Additionally, you may be eligible to participate in our company’s equity program, plus benefits, including medical, dental, vision, retirement, and other. The range above is for the expectations as laid out in the job description, however we are often open to a wide variety of profiles, and recognize that the person we hire may be more senior or have different experience than this job description as posted. If that ends up being the case, the updated salary range will be communicated to you as a candidate.

Why you should work with us:

Our company is small and growing quickly, with enormous potential for further growth, and we are at a point where scalability matters a lot to us. We are working with terabytes of data and are aiming to develop a variety of products to serve our clients.

How you should reach us:

Please email your resume to as a PDF file. Please include your GitHub and highlight any projects that you’ve worked on that may be relevant.


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