Why Hedge Funds Use Revelio Labs For Workforce Data

by Revelio LabsOctober 31, 2020

There’s tremendous value in understanding your workforce. Financial metrics provide results of the output but can’t truly tell hedge fund managers why plus how to make the organization more efficient and productive. That information lies in analyzing workforce data.

Additionally, some hedge funds use relatively new technology, such as artificial intelligence (including machine learning), to handle routine tasks. Machines can perform tasks like data reconciliation, reporting, and shadow accounting, which frees up staff to innovate.

With these changes and existing challenges, hedge funds need the right talents more than ever. Like other organizations, hedge funds need workforce data to gain a true understanding of enterprise talent. Revelio Labs provides workforce data that can help companies better understand human capital and performance at deeper levels.

Intelligent Insights into the Talent Pool

The workforce data provided by Revelio Labs offers intelligent insights into the talent pools of companies. Therefore, allowing organizations to measure human capital performance directly.

When a company can directly measure human performance, the organization increases its growth potential. With the right workforce data, the enterprise can make comparisons with its competitors and peers, including understanding how employees contribute to organizational success. Decision-making is also improved throughout the organization.

About the Workforce Data at Revelio Labs

The team at Revelio Labs analyzes and examines a massive range of data sets from the public web. Consistent universal and structured language descriptors are applied to use the data better – organizations utilize different terms to describe talents.

Standardization allows Revelio Labs to not only understand any given company's workforce but compare it with competitors or similar companies. The data covers many aspects of human capital and organizations, such as business area, location, skillsets, gender, ethnicity, and industry.

Benefits of Using Revelio Labs

  • Insights can show you how well-managed the organization is – great for improving key metrics, such as employee engagement, turnover, and training.
  • Predict an organization’s profitability based on the flow of human capital.
  • Check employment diversity to see if your company is meeting targets.
  • View hiring trends and compare against organizational talent, peers, and competitors.
  • Make better-informed decisions on critical matters, such as AI implementation or offshoring talent.
  • See how your organization stacks up against others concerning hiring trends.

You can derive a tremendous amount of business intelligence from workforce data. Leveraging workforce data can help companies improve systems, find plus onboard the right talent, and spot more revenue growth opportunities. Request a free demo of Revelio Labs today.