Why Choose Workforce Intelligence Software?

by Revelio LabsApril 9, 2023

Developments in workforce intelligence software are making it easier to manage staffing for businesses of every size. It combines data and algorithms to identify workforce trends and predict potential changes in the workforce landscape. The large selection of data sets used in workforce intelligence gives administrators and investors the flexibility to support multiple roles.

Here are some of the reasons your business would benefit from workforce intelligence software:

Keep Pace With Job Evolution

The modern workforce changes quickly, with new and experimental positions being created often to handle emerging needs. Some of these roles and ideas are passing, but others prove valuable enough to remain. It can be challenging to predict which emerging roles will become mainstays, and which will be dissolved. Workforce intelligence can be used to keep up with these changes, seeing what job architecture is developing in your industry. With this tool, you can create or merge key roles predictively instead of reactively.

Anticipate Shortages and Surpluses

The live data used by workforce intelligence software can help predict industry changes in labor. You can quickly see what skills are in high demand, and what skills employment-seekers have to offer. If trends indicate an upcoming shortage in labor, take advantage to fill gaps in your team before shortages start. Conversely, if there is a surplus of labor, you can be more judicious in choosing new talent. Workforce intelligence can also let you know specific skills or positions to invest in to avoid labor shortage impacts.

Improve Employee Engagement

Among the data accessible through workforce intelligence is a variety of employee engagement metrics. These metrics can be drawn from the general workforce, and industry-specific data, giving you multiple perspectives on effective engagement strategies. This information can be used to identify strengths and weaknesses in your business’ engagement efforts and highlight possible solutions.

Prepare For Succession

The information your workforce intelligence provides about your existing workforce is as valuable as the information about the general workforce. Granular data on your employees' skills and experience can help you position your workforce for smooth succession as advancements happen. You can be confident that positions demanding the most experience are filled by qualified individuals while experience-building positions go to those who need them.

Respond To Competition

Information about your industry is also information about your competitors. Publicly available data about competitor workforce activity can be used to help you react in a timely manner. Workforce intelligence makes competitors more predictable. It also levels the playing field for acquiring talent that gives you an edge.

Workforce Intelligence Software Can Transform Your Business

With Revelio Labs’ workforce intelligence software, backed by multiple live databases, you can better guide your business toward lasting success. Use our software to help make targeted talent acquisitions and secure retention that helps you achieve industry leadership. Navigate economic disruption with up-to-date data about workforce trends, and adapt quickly to modern job architecture changes.

Wherever the modern workforce leads, workforce intelligence from Revelio Labs can help you gracefully follow. Contact us today to learn more, or to demo our software for yourself.