Who Can Benefit From Workforce Intelligence?

by Revelio LabsFebruary 21, 2023

Workforce intelligence software compiles public data into easy-to-understand reports that help users understand the trends and dynamics of a company and their workforce. Reports from Revelio Labs can tell you about a company's workforce, worldwide revenue, and hiring and attrition trends. Our information can help you make data-driven decisions about your company or a company you are considering investing in.

Who Can Benefit From Workforce Intelligence?

At Revelio Labs, we can provide reports on all public companies and over two million private ones. A few people that can benefit from our detailed reports include:


Access to Revelio Labs reports can help investors identify what companies are worth investing in. Our reports can give detailed data on the following:

  • Potential risks of investing in a company. High employee turnover rates and regular dips in performance can indicate problems within the company. These problems may lead to poor performance or a failure to return on investments made. This information can keep you informed as an investor.
  • Productivity and qualifications of the workforce. Our reports include highly detailed information about the workforce of a company. Skills, education, and attrition rates can help an investor identify whether a company's workforce is qualified. Our reports can also make identifying a company's overall productivity easy.

If an investor decides to invest in a company, our monthly reports can help investors track the company's performance to make more informed investment decisions.

Corporate Strategists

If you are a corporate strategist that wants to improve and add value to your company, workforce analytics can help you identify your problem areas. Understanding your company on a deeper level can help you know where to allocate more time and resources. You can also utilize reports on your competitors to see how your company compares. This information can help you recognize your shortcomings and potentially help you notice holes in the market.

HR Teams

HR teams can use workforce intelligence when hiring for a company. Revelio Labs allows users to access information about their workforce and competitors. Looking to competitors can help a company determine when to hire and what types of people they should target. If your competitors have a lot of employees with a specific skill that you need more of in your company, then HR can use that information to hire more employees that possess that skill. Investors can also use workforce data to track workforce development and hiring trends within a company. This can help them determine how a company is planning for the future and whether an investment is worthwhile.

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Workforce intelligence software can help you understand your company, competitors, or companies you are interested in investing in. Revelio Labs delivers reports once a month, so you regularly have current and helpful information. When used effectively, this data can be used to help companies grow and assist investors in making informed decisions. Schedule a demo with Revelio Labs to learn about our workforce intelligence software and what we can do for you.