What Workforce Data Reveals About a Company

by Revelio LabsOctober 14, 2022

If you are an investor looking for a company to invest in, you may want to consider utilizing the power of workforce data. Workforce data can give you information regarding several aspects of potential investment in a company. At Revelio Labs, we offer a range of information that can help you understand the detailed, inner workings of a company.

Workforce Data and Investing

As an investor, you may want to gain a better understanding of the company you are investing in. To do this, you can use workforce data. Workforce data is a combination of dynamics and trends in any company. At Revelio Labs, we find and analyze this information to create an entire universal database for you. You can use this database to reveal certain information about a company that may lead you to investment opportunities.

What Type of Data Do We Collect?

We collect our data from five different areas. Here is where our data comes from:

  • Employee Perspectives: We find reviews from past and current employees. This includes any starred or numbered rating, along with written reviews about each particular company.
  • Firmographic Data: When a company has been merged with another we gather information on their subsidiary-parent relationships. This can include data like industry classifications and financial charts.
  • Government Data: We gather information from public government databases. The data we find includes voter registration, social security, census, labor statistics, immigration filings, and anything that can help investors and business owners better understand workplace dynamics.
  • Job Postings: We take information from job posting websites or boards. This information may include salaries, job post dates, descriptions of the job posts, and more.
  • Online Profiles: We collect information from the online profiles of employees. We gather information such as the dates they have been employed and where they were employed. Titles, education, and skill information are collected as well to get an overall sense of the company's hiring and attrition trends.

How Can I Use This Data?

As an investor, you can use this workplace data to your advantage by looking into a company's past, current, and potential future successes. Here are some ways the data we collect can be used to reveal more about whether a potential investment in a company would be worthwhile:

Hiring Practices

As an investor, you can find the hiring practices of the company you are interested in. This allows you to understand the way HR teams hire and how effective they may be. Hiring teams with a positive track record of hiring and retaining qualified candidates can help you make your investment decisions.

Once you have invested in the company of your choice, you can continue to hire qualified candidates while using our data. With this database, you can make sure that your job postings are put in front of the right people.

Detailed Decision Making

The business decisions of a company can be found and tracked through our database. This can give investors key insight into where their potential investment is spending their time and focus. You can find out if a company's goal aligns with your own. Companies and investors can track different potential business routes to find the most success.

Better Use of Technology

Investors can find companies that are continually updating their technology use. The use of technology can make or break a company and its competitive edge. Outdated technology can slow down production. When investing, you can use our database to find the companies that are tracking the use of modern business technology. It can show you which devices and platforms are working as well as which are not useful any longer.

Money Saving

You can use workforce data tools to find ways to save money. Investors can find and track what companies are doing to save money. You can use this database to find information on job markets, trends in your industry, and more. HR teams who use Revelio labs will have access to tracking changes, planning for the future, and creating processes that can save you money.

Increased Productivity

With the data found in our research, you can increase productivity. Investors can watch for things that may be decreasing the productivity of the company they have invested in. You can track changes that affect productivity. These changes can be in employee performance, engagements, training, attendance, and more. Once you have found the source of the decrease in productivity, you can find ways to increase it. Some methods for promoting engagement could include finding new incentives and different motivation tactics for employees. 

Workforce Data for Investors

Investors and companies can benefit immensely from using workforce data. At Revelio Labs, we make sure that every piece of information that we gather can be helpful. We have gathered information from all public companies as well as two million private companies. The data sets we create are updated and sent out monthly to those who choose to work with us.

You can customize your data to only display the company-specific information that you need. Investors can pick and choose the data for the reports they receive which allows them to focus on trends regarding their investments. You can choose from information like employee salaries, project revenue, average tenure, education, skills, and more.

As an investor, we understand that the strategies you use will change over time. Workforce data can allow you to make sure that the companies you choose to invest in are up to date on current trends of success. When our data changes, the strategies you use should change too. Investors can benefit from workforce data by updating and adapting to new business dynamics such as policies, salaries, locations, and positions.

Revelio Labs

When you choose to invest, there are many aspects that should be considered about the potential investment, like the current competition, employees, use of technology, current business plans, and more. At Revelio Labs, we want to help potential investors reveal any information that may help you with your investment plans. You can get ahead of competitors by using our workforce software. Revelio Labs can help potential investors, HR departments, and job seekings find the best way to achieve their goals.