What Is the Impact of Effective Workforce Intelligence?

by Revelio LabsDecember 8, 2022

The impact an effective workforce intelligence software can have on companies, investors, and others can be positive. At Revelio Labs, we want our customers to understand how to utilize our software for success. Here is what you can expect from our workforce software:

Creates More Simple Decision Making

Decision-making of any kind can be daunting for an investor or business owner. You can utilize the data that comes from workforce intelligence to make decisions more simple. Our software collects and standardizes millions of publicly available information. This information is then set into cloud-based software for our customers to use.

When you have all of this information in one place, it can be easier to use it to make investment decisions. Investors may have a hard time making decisions simply based on the information a company gives them. They may want to find information on other competitors to see if the information they were given is correct.

Workforce data is information from the past and current status of a company. Effective workforce intelligence software can give investors information that allows for more simple decision-making.

Helps With Risk Management Assessment

As an investor, finding risks in different companies can be key to the success of your investment. Workforce data can assist in finding the risks within a company. You can find risk factors of companies like location, employee turnaround, past performance issues, and more. This can assist investors in avoiding bad investment decisions. Some businesses may not be willing to show their risks to investors. Workforce data allows investors to see the information that businesses may be hiding.

Investors can manage risks within a company they have already invested in with workforce intelligence. You can find ways to combat risks and assess the damage they may have in the company.

Helpful in Finding Solutions

An investor's job generally does not stop when the investment is made. This means that they can be helpful when it comes to finding solutions within a business. Effective workforce intelligence software should help investors and business owners navigate issues that may arise.

Workforce data can give investors solutions for a variety of different problems. It can do this by giving information from the past. Investors can learn from past mistakes of other companies or other investment deals. They can do this by finding similar companies and finding solutions used in similar situations. Effective workforce software can help simplify finding solutions for several different issues.

Offers Many Different Sources of Information

An effective workforce intelligence system should offer many different sources of data. At Revelio Labs, we use many different sources to create our cloud-based software. Here are the sources we use:


We collect information from employee profiles that have been posted online. This includes all the data that you may want to know regarding an employee. You can find information about their education, past positions, skills, and more. When an employee scores or writes about a company, that review is also collected.


When a company posts a job opening, we collect that information. This data includes salary information, skills required, the date posted, and more. A description of the open position is gathered as well. Job postings are spread between many different online platforms and can be difficult to find. Our software collects the information and puts it in one spot.


The government provides several different types of data publicly. We find and collect this data. This data is then standardized for easier understanding. Some of the public government data we collect include labor statistics, census data, and more. This data can be difficult to sort through and hard to understand. At Revelio Labs, we understand the importance of this data and want to make it easier to digest.


We also collect information needed for subsidiary-parent company relationships. This information is generally used by corporate mergers. It can be helpful for investors that are looking into an investment opportunity with a merged company. This information can include industry classifications, financial information, and more.

Our workforce software is impactful because of the wide variety of sources we gather from. This makes it easier to find all of the information you may be looking for in one place. We want our workforce software to be effective so that investors and others can be successful.

Effective Workforce Intelligence With Revelio Labs

At Revelio Labs, we want the impact of the effectiveness of our software to be massive. We want investors, corporate mergers, business owners, and others to be successful. Our software is effective because of the success it can bring. Effective workforce intelligence software makes a positive impact on those who utilize it. To find out how to use workforce intelligence to make better investment decisions in your business, contact us at Revelio Labs today.