What Does Workforce Intelligence Include?

by Revelio LabsOctober 25, 2022

Workforce intelligence is the combination of dozens of fields of data. At Revelio Labs, we want our customers and partners to understand what workforce intelligence includes and how it may be beneficial. These points of data can help investors and business owners make responsive, well-informed decisions.

Workforce Intelligence Data

At Revelio Labs, we combine data from several sources to provide companies with up-to-date analytical software:


We gather information from sources that are publicly available online. The online profiles of professionals are gathered. We take information that is found from these profiles, like the comprehensive full-time employment history, the companies they have worked with, and the education they have achieved. The skills they have gained and the titles they have had in the past are also gathered for reference.

Other public online information we find is job postings. We find the job postings of millions of companies and combine them into one space. The information we find includes job descriptions, salaries of the jobs, and the dates the jobs were posted.

We also collect reviews from employees regarding companies they have worked for and are currently working for. These reviews can come in scored or written forms.

Public Government

Our data also comes from public government information. You can find voter registration information, social security administration data, and immigration filings on public platforms. We collect domestic and international labor statistics and census data. All of this information can be found by anyone, but we collect it and give you all the information you need to save you time on the search.


We also collect firmographic data for those who may need it. This information includes classifications per industry, mapping to financial identifiers, and information regarding relationships between parent-subsidiary companies.

Analyzing Workforce Data

As we continuously collect this data, we analyze it to make it more accessible to those who need it. To make all of the data more accessible, we combine information that is relevant and make several categories. This makes it easier to find and understand the data you are looking for. To efficiently analyze the data, we use algorithms and artificial intelligence.

The reason for analyzing workforce intelligence data is to be able to find trends and answers to questions you may have. We group and analyze this data to assist our customers and partners in understanding workplace dynamics.

At Revelio Labs, we analyze the data we find to make sure that you can find whatever information you need as quickly as possible. This can speed up your investing processes, business planning, and more. By using the data, you can find relevant information to solve a number of problems.

Here are the five different tools we use when analyzing data:

  1. Descriptive Data Tools
  2. Diagnostic Data Tools
  3. Predictive Data Tools
  4. Prescriptive Data Tools
  5. Cognitive Data Tools

The combination of these tools allows us to give you all types of specific and informative data.

Reporting Information

Workforce intelligence includes reports of information. These reports can assist with several different aspects of your company. The HR department, investors, and others can use them to make informed decisions.

When our customers receive reports, it can give them easier access to data. This data can be customized in your report, which gives you only the information you need. These reports can give you clear information on current or historical records. You can also have the capability to find employee information for evaluation purposes.

The information we gather can be used daily, monthly, or periodically. We deliver data on the 15th of each month regarding the month prior. You can find data anytime with our software terminal. This gives you a wide range of information on different companies. There is no need for any type of setup. You can track information by geography, job title, seniority, position, company, and more.

The reporting can come in various forms, such as charts, graphs, reports, and more. These workforce intelligence reports can assist in many different ways.

Automatic Programming

At Revelio Labs, we thrive on modern technology. This includes automation technologies like our cloud-based software, APIs, machine learning, AI, etc. These automation tools give you access to all the reporting and information you may need. This information can be easily created with automation because of the advanced algorithms.

The software we use is automated to give you quick access to the data and analytics that we find. You can instantly find the information you need. Information like hiring trends, outsourcing, business plans, and more can be requested and seen quickly. 

The automation of our data allows you to find and request information faster. This gives you a chance to make better and more timely decisions in regard to your business or investments. When investing, you can make specific requests to find information regarding your potential investment with our workforce data.

Revelio Labs for Workforce Intelligence Data

Workforce intelligence software provides access to any points of data that you might need regarding a business. The reports and overall information you receive can be customized to only display the information you need.

If you work in an HR department, you can gain access to hiring and attrition trends, employee backgrounds and satisfaction levels, and more. Investors can compare and contrast different companies to potentially invest in. Based on employment trends and historical data, investors can make informed decisions about businesses that are projected to perform well.

If you are a business owner, we can give you information to make the right decisions in regard to your business plans. You can try out different pathways and find the best fit for you and your business. If you are planning a corporate merger, you may want to consider working with us. We can supply information on how to best merge your business with another.

At Revelio Labs, we offer robust workforce intelligence data software. We want our customers to find any and all information that may help them thrive within their businesses. To learn more about how to use our software, contact us today.