Using Workforce Intelligence To Learn About Competitors

by Revelio LabsFebruary 9, 2023

Getting ahead of the competition is one of the most challenging parts of growing a business. Rival companies make it more difficult to secure resources and skilled employees within the industry. Gaining access to accurate workforce intelligence can give you a significant market advantage.

Where Workforce Intelligence Comes From

Collecting accurate intelligence on a competitor's workforce is difficult and time-consuming, but Revelio Labs makes this easier. Our AI-powered data mining software and advanced statistical analysis can save you time and money.

We Collect Publicly Available Data

Our methodology relies on gathering statistical data from public sources. We rely on five families of primary sources. These sources tell us valuable information about your competitors and the people who work for them.

  • Professional Profiles. Online professional profiles give us a good look at individual employment histories. The job titles, dates employed, and skills listed help us understand what a company's workforce can do.
  • Job Listings. Job postings give information about what a company is looking for in employees. It also tells us what their skills are worth to the company.
  • Employee Sentiment. Employees often review their employers on online platforms. Ratings and reviews like these offer a peek at the company's internal culture and the work environment it promotes.
  • Government Data. Government agencies produce a variety of employment data and labor statistics. Census records, immigration records, and more provide information about a company's staff.
  • Firmographic Data. Parent-subsidiary relationships and financial markers reveal information about a company.

We Adjust for Inconsistent Reporting

No data set is perfect; unlisted job openings, people who don't maintain online profiles, and other holes can cause inaccuracies in the data.

We compensate for this by using the latest methods in statistical analysis. Available data and statistics allow us to deduce missing information so you get the most accurate picture of your competitors' workforce possible.

What Workforce Intelligence Shows You

The workforce intelligence you get from Revelio Labs gives you a window into your competitors' operations. We provide you with reports on their team composition, employee turnover rates, and more.

Employee Job Categories

Job categories are a useful way to summarize what an employee does for a company. Understanding the job categories of your competitor's employees gives you a peek at their strategy. Revelio Labs can provide you with this information about a competitor's workforce. We standardize this data for easy comparison with other companies in your industry.

Company Hiring and Attrition Patterns

A company's hiring and attrition patterns offer insight into the health of its company culture. We give you the tools to compare a competitor's employee turnover rate to your company and others in the industry. Changes in your competitor's hiring patterns may reveal opportunities you might otherwise miss.

Global Distribution of Company Assets

Our workforce intelligence lets you see how your competition distributes its operations globally. If you know where your competitors do business, you can identify opportunities to get a head start.

International conflict, severe weather, and changes in local law all affect a company's performance. Understanding a competitor's global distribution can help predict how they will react to these changes.

Top Employee Skills

Revelio Labs offers insight into your competition's skill base. Information about the skills your competitor relies upon offers a peek into their workplace strategy. This data can help you evaluate the strength of their approach.

Employee Tenure

A company's average tenure sheds light on its strengths and weaknesses. If your competitors have trouble retaining skilled workers, it presents you with an opportunity. You may be able to recruit professionals that can improve your position in the industry.

Workforce Salary Data

Information about the wages your competition pays its staff is a valuable predictor of how its employee tenure will change over time. Salary data is also helpful in courting talent to strengthen your organization.

Employee Demographics

The gender and ethnic makeup of your rivals' staff is valuable information. It can help you understand your competition's priorities. Revelio Labs offers you a variety of demographic information.

What To Expect From Revelio Labs

Revelio Labs provides data on all public companies and more than two million private companies. We provide you with monthly updates to data that reaches back to 2008.

You have several options for interacting with the data you need. The raw data is an option if you have a large research team, or you could receive monthly reports tailored to your preferences. You can track data by company, job title, and many other metrics.

The workforce intelligence you receive will be as up-to-date as possible. Late social media updates and other factors can add inaccuracies to workforce data, but our statistical models help compensate for this natural lag in reporting.

Put Our Data to Work for Your Company

Understanding competitors can give you a significant advantage in your industry. More information helps you improve the competitiveness of your company. Workforce intelligence helps you identify opportunities to succeed where your competitors might struggle. Contact a data specialist at Revelio Labs to request a demo.