Types of Data Collected by Workforce Intelligence Software

by Revelio LabsJune 23, 2023

Workforce intelligence software can help you improve your business by using workforce data. Revelio Labs uses public data to track and monitor millions of businesses. We track different types of data, so you can gain a comprehensive understanding of workforce trends. You can use our software to understand and compare your workforce to your competitors.

Data Collected by Workforce Intelligence Software

Workforce intelligence software can help you understand your company more so you can make any necessary adjustments. Here are the types of data tracked by our software and how you can use it to your advantage:

Individual Employee Data

Workforce intelligence can help you learn about the employees that make up a company's workforce. Our software provides information about workforce demographics, including work history, roles, ethnicity, gender, education, salary, and geographical location. You can compare this information to your competitors and see what you may be lacking in your workforce. We allow you to filter by these demographics, so you can see the exact differences between your workforce and others. Once you identify these differences, you can begin hiring to fill these roles.

Performance Metrics

Workforce intelligence software can collect and track performance metrics. We use key performance indicators and individual employee performance data to track productivity, quality of work, sales performance, and more. These metrics can help you find performance gaps so that you can start training your employees in these specific areas. This information also allows you to track improvements more effectively.

Workforce Dynamics

Workforce dynamics can help you identify strengths and weaknesses within your workplace. We deliver data on company composition, including inflows and outflows for every demographic, as well as headcounts. Our filters allow you to see information regarding different positions, seniority, salary, and other employee demographics. You can determine whether your company is paying enough by seeing the inflow and outflow of employees with a certain skill, position, or salary. You can see if your company culture isn't inclusive enough by looking at this information for different genders and ethnicities. Once you identify any problems, you can start implementing strategies to improve them.

Employee Satisfaction

To maintain a motivated and productive workforce, learn more about your workforce's satisfaction and engagement levels. We use information such as employee reviews and other sentiment analysis tools to collect data on employee satisfaction. This information can help you gauge job satisfaction as well as your employees' overall engagement. Once you identify this, you can identify the reasons your employees feel the way they do and address any issues. You can also segment this by different demographics to see if the issues are in a specific area or within a certain role. Addressing employee satisfaction may help you improve your retention rate and attract qualified employees.

Inflow Transitions

Our reports can tell you where your employees are coming from and where they are leaving to. This information can tell you a lot about your company. If you notice a specific company that many of your employees within a certain role are leaving to, then that company may have a more competitive salary or better benefits. If you see an outflow trend that is in sync with poor employee satisfaction, you may have a company culture problem. All of these problems can be remedied with the correct strategies.

Job Postings

We can supply you with job postings that are active, inactive, or removed. Their full text, including information such as salary, will also be included. You can compare your own postings to high-performing job postings from the past. Modeling your listings after high-performing ones may help you attract high-quality candidates.

Skills and Tasks

Reports from Revelio Labs can help you gain a comprehensive understanding of the types of skills that are found in other companies and the tasks that they do within their roles. Comparing this information to your company data can help you identify missing skills in your workforce. It can also help you determine whether a certain role should be handling more tasks than they currently do. You can use this information to hire more people that possess those skills or are familiar with those tasks. You can also start training your current employees in those areas. Conducting this analysis and implementing strategies to help you meet industry standards can help you become more competitive.

Revelio Labs Delivers Data Monthly

Revelio Labs' workforce intelligence software delivers workforce data once a month. You can receive your information through raw feed, reports, or access to our terminal. Our data goes as far back as 2008, so our information is as comprehensive as possible. We get our data from reliable online sources, including professional profiles, government data, job postings, and more. Our reports can help you identify trends in the workforce so that you can stay ahead of the competition. If you are interested in improving your business using workforce intelligence, schedule a demo with us today.