Should I Invest in Workforce Intelligence Software?

by Revelio LabsAugust 15, 2022

If you are considering investing in workforce intelligence software, you have clicked on the right page. Revelio Labs is a leader in workforce data and software. Investing in unfamiliar technology can be difficult, but we can help. 

What Is Workforce Intelligence Software?

This software helps interested parties find and analyze workforce data. We here at Revelio Labs specialize in this type of software and data. We collect and assimilate public employment records to create a large HR database. This database can be used in several ways by asset managers, corporate clients, investors, and more. The information gathered may be worthwhile for investors when gathering intel on specific companies. Each type of data gives insight into which industries and employee types are a better choice for investment opportunities.

What Type Of Data Is Collected?

The type of data we collect with workforce intelligence software is key to understanding the tools we provide. Revelio Labs collects and combines information from the following areas:

  1. Online-based professional employee profiles. This includes the entirety of an individual's or a group of individuals' employment histories and the dates they were employed and where they were employed. We also collect titles they were given during employment, their academic history, and more.
  2. We find current and previous job postings. We find the dates the jobs were posted, descriptions of the job, and the salaries of each position.
  3. Opinions of employees regarding their employers. This includes both review scores and full-length written reviews.
  4. We collect published government data including domestic and global labor statistics, census information, voter registration public records, and facts found by social security.
  5. We use firmographic data that is conjoined with company-to-company relationships. It finds industry classifications and information on financial identifiers.

At Revelio Labs, we collect data from hundreds of millions of public data, as well as private data. Our data collection dates back to 2008. We update the data and send it to each investor every month. You can filter the data to find applicable information without dealing with unnecessary data. When you understand where the data is coming from, it can be easier to understand the benefits of using it for your investment purposes. 

Benefits of Investing

Intelligence Software for Workforce Challenges:

No matter how much planning goes into adapting to challenges in the workplace, investors often seek help outside their resources. Our software can assist business challenges by staying ahead of the issue and finding solutions to understand the data you already have access to. The analytics gathered by workforce data allows you to find the specific problems in daily tasks. Once the issue is found workforce software can assist in calibrating a method to fix them. After fixing the problem you will be able to spot potential issues before they happen again.

Software That Finds Top-Tier Employees:

The data collected and sorted with workforce software can show investors the best employees in each company available. The history of employee information is gathered and forms usable insight. Future investors can find out what potential employees are looking for in a company such as if they need access to remote work, if they are looking for short or long-term work, and more. This can assist investors in choosing the right company with the best employees for a long-term investment.

This type of data may show ways to both keep the current employees as well as find prospective ones. Some workplace challenges to look out for before investing include employee-employee relationships or employer-employee relations. Workplace intelligence can show you how to discover any issue that becomes apparent. The software will then give options to deal with the problem before losing a valuable company team member and asset.

Become More Cost-Effective:

Workforce intelligence software is key to cost-effectiveness and keeping your business’s head above water. You can research what mechanisms are helping and which are not as effective. You can track your marketing investment to see if the current path you are on is bringing in business. The software lets you track each employee’s competence and helps filter out potential-risk employees. This way you can stop the decline of any revenue before it happens. Workforce data is a great tool to gain insight into other companies and help your company become cost-efficient.

Workforce to Compete:

This data will help you get ahead of the competition. It does this by giving you the data to compare and contrast your company versus the competitor. In the HR department, they can review the hiring data of other companies. This gives insight into current hiring trends and employee attrition or retention.

Workforce intelligence software can help you predict your competitor’s strategies. You’ll be able to search subjects such as gender/ethnicity in employees, certain expenses, offshoring information, transitions made by companies, and more.

Workforce For Strategies:

The data collected from this software may assist you in creating strategies to implement in the workplace. This may include things like work culture or risk management. Other prospective strategies include:

  • Leadership training
  • Ways to expand globally
  • Individual employee career development

You can use workforce data to analyze areas of improvement to create and implement strategies. Some of these areas may be the goals of your business, — both current and future — as well as employee satisfaction, development, or employee turn-around. Workforce software helps investors and others who use our data by explaining the ins and outs of strategies that may or may not work for you.

Investing Is Ideal

Should you invest in workforce intelligence software? You took the time to invest, create, or become an asset to a company. It takes a lot of time and effort to do any of those things and investing in workforce intelligence is the next step to growing your business. Our mission at Revelio Labs is to create a clear and understandable way to look at workforce data across a variety of companies. We can assist you in taking the next step towards investment in workforce intelligence data and a way to incline your success. Schedule a demo today!