Our Workforce Intelligence Software for Corporate Mergers

by Revelio LabsSeptember 12, 2022

If you are looking into a corporate merger, you may want to consider investing in workforce intelligence software. What is workforce intelligence? We at Revelio Labs, are experts in workforce intelligence data and can help you understand why you should consider using it for your merger.

What Is Workforce Intelligence Software?

Workforce intelligence is a way to explore workplace dynamics. We combine public and private employee records to create a universal HR database. The information we pull from these records gives you insight into how different companies may operate. Our database includes data from these sources:

From Employee: We find employee ratings on companies they have worked for before. We combine star ratings, numbered ratings, and written reviews. 

From Government: The government has a lot of data regarding employment and companies. We gather things like census data, social security information, voter registration, immigration filings, and labor statistics that are domestic or international. 

From Online Profiles: We collect data from online professional profiles. This data can comprise the entire full-time employment of an individual, which includes companies worked for, education received, titles, dates of employment, skills acquired, and more. 

From Job Listings: We combine job listings from multiple sources into a singular database. We take posting dates, job descriptions, and salary information, and merge them. 

From Firmographic: This data is gathered specifically for those who are interested in investing or merging. We find data on subsidiary-parent relationships of companies, mapping to financial identifying information, and industry classifications. 

Our software allows you to browse all of the data that we collect from these sources. The data we collect dates back to 2008 and continues to be collected each month.

How Does It Work?

Once you have chosen to work with our workforce intelligence software, we will deliver the data you want once a month. This data reflects the information we found the month before. The information we compile is delivered in these two ways:

  1. The first way we send data is through raw feed or API to all the companies who work with us. The raw data is updated each month and is delivered in the format of your choice. This process works well for large research teams. We send reports monthly and deliver them in your wanted format. These are perfect for fundamental investors or those looking to invest.
  2. You will also have access to the Revelio Labs workforce intelligence software terminal. This gives you a broad view of select companies. With this software, there is no setup required. You can look at data by geography, seniority, job title, position, and more.

What About Subsidiaries?

Our data format can give you a glimpse into the ways in which you can use our workforce intelligence software for your corporate merger. When one company merges with another, we include the subsidiary as an entire part of the first company, after the fact but before the acquisition happens. This occurs because there is no non-factual data on when these times occurred. If you would like to see the data of a company without its parent company or subsidiaries, we can give you that upon request.

How To Use for Your Corporate Mergers

Our workforce intelligence software can help you decide whether or not to merge your company with another. There are several reasons you may want to merge your company. The data that we find can help that decision. Here are some ways that you can use this information for your future merger:

Hiring Procedures

You can take a glance at your potential subsidiaries hiring patterns. The data that you find may help you understand in which ways you will be able to merge your hiring procedures with theirs. You may find answers to the following questions as well as others:

  • Will their team members merge well with mine?
  • Are these members that would approve of a merger with my company?
  • Will we need to hire entirely new staff?

The hiring process and the employees that are hired are key components in making sure that your company thrives. The insight we are able to give you can make all the difference long-term.

Strategies With Workforce Intelligence

Our workforce software can help you determine the potential success of a company merger. This data includes the company’s business projections and its current workforce intelligence management. It also includes the plans the company has to use or how they have used workforce intelligence in their business planning. You can find out how they use the information they have gathered to start positive changes. Our software is customizable so you are able to filter the data you receive to only your potential merger(s).

Tracking Skill Sets

When two companies merge, there may be specific skills that you require to be successful. Workforce data can help you analyze the skill set of employees and the leaders of that business. This allows you to review the evolution of the skills or any issues in skill development throughout the company or their employees.

There are several areas of data that would assist you as an investor during your corporate merging process. The information found within our workforce intelligence data will help you make the right decisions.

Future Planning

The data we collect can be used to plan the future of your company with a subsidiary. You can track changes in your industry and internal changes. Before merging, you can try out different plans with your subsidiary to make sure that after the merger you are headed toward your goal.

Save Money

The information you may gather from our workforce software can save you money in the long run. By investigating each potential merger, you can filter out those who will not help you profit. This process may save you money and time.

Revelio Labs and Mergers

Our workforce intelligence software can help you track down the best option for your corporate merger. Revelio Labs wants to give you all of the information you need to reach a successful outcome with your merger.