Managing Workforce Intelligence Software for Investors

by Revelio LabsSeptember 12, 2022

Revelio Labs provides real-time workforce intelligence software that gives you in-depth insights. Whether you are an asset manager or a business, our workforce (WF) data tools can help you stay ahead. They provide details about each company's nature and ideas for improving your business.

Here are some ways to manage our software so you can help achieve growth for your business:

1.) Detect Gaps In Worker Journeys

WF tools can help you map out the route of each employee's processes. Below are three ways our software can help you accomplish this goal:

  • Find out what is blocking productivity in a worker's journey
  • Spot inefficiencies in a worker's procedure
  • Track down wasteful resources

There may be some situations where business apps switch either due to app malfunctions or knowledge gaps. WF software can detect where the problem is occurring, why it is happening, and how to address the issue. They can also help you know which workers need more training with a product or service feature.

Our WF tools can help you improve the user experience for employees working on routine projects to have the right products. As workers have a more seamless experience, you will be on track to improve the way you do business.

2.) Know Who Your Stakeholders Are

Before you start to use workforce intelligence software, you will need to know who are your top stakeholders. Identifying your audience will give you a better picture of how to develop the best dashboards, data sources, and reports. Here are some steps to follow before using these tools:

  • Create a list of people who will use the WF software
  • Find out the needs of each stakeholder
  • Discover what technical skills they each have

Once you complete these steps, decide which data report types work best for each person. Some stakeholders prefer real-time data they can access daily, while others want monthly data with advanced metrics.

These benchmarks enable you to make reports earlier than usual and give stakeholders easy access to WF data tools. Effective WF data reporting methods will help your business stay on track to meeting your goals.

3.) Use Data To Guide Your Decision Process

Adding WF tools to your investment review process can give you more detailed insights into what software and hardware you have. The vetting process can assess how each tech option performs and if they provide value for your business.

Our WF software insights help you pay for only what your business needs and tailor your investments accordingly. They can track gaps in the service requirements of you and your workers so you can maintain productivity.

Merging these data sources through our workforce intelligence software helps guide your decision process and leads you toward the best ROI.

4.) Put Your Digital Adoption Plan Into Place

Once you reach an investment decision, you will need to find the best way to implement your plan for digital adoption. These processes involve adopting new products across your business and retiring old software and hardware. Digital adoption plans like these may enhance your investment value and bring your business success.

WF tools and custom key performance indicators (KPIs) help you align your tech products with the needs of workers. These elements may expose the value of your new tech programs. Your IT teams need to benchmark and set KPIs that give you the best picture of your digital visions.

KPIs give insights into which parts of your business are leading the forefront in transitioning to your new products. Another thing they provide you is data on which business departments need more support in adapting to these new platforms. They can even provide you with ideas on which set of guidelines can help them make the transition.

Workforce intelligence software helps your business adjust to new technologies quickly and effectively, thus making your investment worthwhile.

5.) Find Out Where Your Workers Need To Improve Their Skills

It can be challenging for a business to fill every role with people that have specific skill sets. Workers often enroll online courses and hands-on training to fill those roles. The best way for you to train your workers is to pinpoint the gap between the skills they have and what they need.

Workforce intelligence software provides precise data on each worker's performance and tracks their strengths and weaknesses. With access to this data, you can create a game plan for your workers on how they can improve their skill set. Our WF data platforms will help you focus on addressing your top pain points and produce results for your business.

6.) Track The Best Talent For Your Business

Many businesses today evaluate a candidate's experience and future potential as they work to recruit people. A top concern is that you may miss out on great talent if your recruitment process does not properly evaluate. You may, for example, miss out on a candidate with excellent potential if you strictly focus on experience levels.

WF software platforms help you track whether a person with experience or one with potential is the best candidate. Our software will survey the performance and worker records and calculate them against worker performance in your business. The findings will help you find the candidate that is the best fit for your business.

7.) Check For Warning Signs In Your Business

WF analytics platforms constantly collect worker data and track how they are doing in your workplace. Here are three things to watch for in your workers as you check on your business affairs:

  • Which of your workers is making the most positive impact on your business?
  • What is the current status of your business, and how are your workers coping with it?
  • Which employees may be showing signs of negatively impacting your organization?

Tracking the negative traits of your workers helps you develop the right plans to address them before the problem grows. Proactive measures will help save your business from having an excess of unhappy workers that may hamper your business productivity.

8.) Create Succession Plans That Best Match Your Business Needs

As your top leaders retire or resign from their posts, you will want to have people who can handle those roles. When searching for candidates, look to safeguard these two things: an organized transition and maintenance of the best worker performance.

Whether you seek outside talent or promote from within, our workforce intelligence software helps you build succession plans in advance. If you want to promote a current worker, our WF platform helps determine who can best fit into the role.

When the senior leaders step down, it will be easier for the successors and your entire business to transition.

Choose Workforce Intelligence Software That Will Help Make Your Business Stronger

Revelio Labs takes pride in bringing you workforce intelligence software that gives you insights that matter most. Sign up for our demo today and let us help you reach the promised land. You will be glad you did when you achieve business growth and grow the value of your investment.