Learn About Competing Businesses Using Workforce Intelligence

by Revelio LabsJanuary 30, 2023

Revelio Labs can help you learn about your competitors with our workforce intelligence software. We deliver workforce data in the form of easy-to-read reports that can help you gain helpful insights about millions of businesses. Using your competitor's workforce data may help you build your business and avoid potential pitfalls.

What Workforce Intelligence Can Tell You About Competing Businesses

Understanding your competitors' successes can help you adequately analyze your business. Workforce intelligence can give you a look into many aspects of a company.

Employee Data

One significant indicator of a business's success is its workforce. Knowing who is responsible for a company's desirable results can help you replicate their achievements.

Experience and Education

Our data can give you information about the education and experience of a company's workforce. We also help you identify the top skills within a company. This information can help you know what holes you need to fill in your workforce. If you notice your competitors have a skill in their workforce that you do not, you can start to hire more employees who possess that skill to remain competitive.

Gender and Ethnicity

We also offer information on the gender and ethnicity of a company's workforce. Companies with a diverse workforce may be open to new ideas and methods. Diverse perspectives and skills may help your company prosper — so take note of the diversity in your competitor's businesses and keep that data in mind as you continue to grow your workforce.

Hiring and Attrition

It can be helpful to have an insight into when your competitors hire and who they are hiring. Attrition rates offer a helpful bar to measure your business against. If your attrition rates are higher than many of your competitors, then exploring why employees are choosing to leave your company could be helpful. Certain factors such as salary, benefits, and company culture could all be a reason. You can also find more information about salary and benefits in our reports to see if your competitors are offering more than you are.


Get an inside look into the expenses of your competitors. In many industries, salary accounts for about 80% of a company's overall costs. We provide information on your competitor's costs and the average salary at their company.


Knowing your competitors and what they offer can help you identify holes in your market. You can also avoid potential pitfalls by monitoring your competition and learning from their mistakes.


Our reports help you know when and where your competitors are taking advantage of offshoring. Whether you choose to incorporate offshoring in your business is up to you, but having access to your competitor's data may give you a comprehensive picture of why their costs may be lower than yours.


Revelio Labs can track the worldwide revenue of your competitors. You can use the data from the report to determine how they achieved their current revenue. If your company's revenue is not what you had hoped, it could help to look at a competitor with higher revenue and see how they are achieving their results.

Where We Get Our Data

Revelio Labs has workforce intelligence data on all public companies and a large number of private ones. We aim to provide and maintain accurate company reports. Currently, we get our data from five sources:

  • Online professional profiles
  • Job postings
  • Employee sentiment through reviews
  • Government data
  • Firmographic data

Our data also goes back several years, giving us over a decade of data to analyze. It's possible to pull data from this far back because of the history that is often included in professional profiles. We have also learned how to best compensate for reporting lags and other discrepancies. We can provide reliable workforce intelligence reports by being aware of these discrepancies and having multiple data sources to pull from.

How We Deliver Data

There are three ways that we can deliver data:

  • Raw feed: Ideal for large research teams, raw feed is updated monthly and delivered in any format. The raw feed allows you to stay up-to-date with your competitors and the moves that they are making.
  • Access to the Revelio Labs terminal: Our terminal may be the most convenient solution if you are interested in a broad overview of select companies. You can also choose what you want to track between a company, job title, geography, position, and seniority.
  • Reports: Reports can be delivered in any format and are also updated monthly. They are easy to understand and apply. Reports are generally the most popular among fundamental investors.

Learn About Your Competitors With Revelio Labs

Learning about your competitors using workforce intelligence can give you a benchmark to compare your own business against. Using information from Revelio Labs may help make business goals easier to achieve. Learn how to improve your company with workforce intelligence by requesting a demo today.