How Workforce Intelligence Software Analyzes Workforce Composition

by Revelio LabsJune 6, 2023

Making informed decisions about a company's workforce can be the difference between success and failure. Accurate workforce data can help investors pick winning investments. Understanding how competitors manage their workforce can also help managers get the most out of their human resources. The workforce intelligence software created by Revelio Labs gives you a good look at a company's workforce.

About Our Workforce Intelligence Software

New opportunities often leave little time for deliberation, and making informed decisions on short notice can be difficult. The problem is that gathering data takes time. Revelio Labs provides workforce intelligence software that makes gathering needed information fast and easy.

Our AI-powered software uses public sources for a wide range of data on workforce composition. Automating this process allows us to preemptively comb primary data sources so the information is available when you need it. With our software doing the legwork, you get accurate and up-to-date information from various sources.

Professional Profiles

One common strategy skilled professionals use to find good work is maintaining an online profile. These profiles help workers find better jobs and give our software valuable information on the skills and experience they bring to the table.

Our software searches online profiles for past job titles, dates employed, and promoted skills. We compare this data with past industry performance to predict how current trends affect a potential investment.

Job Listings

The way companies list open positions contains valuable information on the skills they value. Our workforce intelligence software extracts this data and compares it to data from similar postings across an entire industry. This wealth of data gives our clients a detailed understanding of what a company needs from its staff.

Our software also compares current job listing data with archived data. Comparing current data with archived data provides insight into how the company's needs have evolved and how they may change.

Company Reviews

Employee sentiment is another valuable indicator of a company's success. Understanding how a company's staff feels about their employer is an excellent predictor of employee tenure and attrition.

Our AI-driven software collects this data from company reviews. Our software can compare this data across multiple sources and companies to identify companies that may have trouble keeping talent in the future.

Government Data

Government bureaucracies collect vast amounts of data in their daily operations, and much of this data is publicly available. Our software searches census and immigration records, labor statistics, and more to better understand the people who make up a company's workforce. We can analyze this data to learn about a company's workforce composition and predict how current business and political trends may affect a company's future performance.

Firmographic Data

Mergers, acquisitions, and other partnerships are common in today's global markets. These events frequently require contracts, financial disclosures, and other documentation that reveals workforce information. Our workforce intelligence software analyzes publicly available documents to extract data that helps predict how merging companies will affect the market.

Statistical Modeling Fills Gaps in the Data

It pays to have a complete data set when making business decisions. Unlisted job openings, out-of-date professional profiles, and other incomplete records leave holes in the data available. While it's certainly possible to accept this as the way things are, there is a better way to deal with gaps in the data set.

The workforce intelligence software provided by Revelio Labs can bridge these gaps. Our AI-powered tools compare different data sets to infer missing data by using state-of-the-art statistical modeling techniques.

Analyzing Raw Data Provides Useful Intelligence

Collecting in-depth data is the first step in making better business decisions, but the real advantage comes from analyzing that data. Our software takes the raw data and breaks it down into useful metrics, including employee job categories, global distribution, and more.

Employee Demographics

Employee demographics give you insight into a company's workforce. The analysis provided by our software lets you see how a company's workforce breaks down by several factors. You can view workforce composition by role, job title, and primary skill set. You can also view this data by salary range, ethnicity, and gender to help predict how the latest issues may affect the company's image and client appeal.

Global Distribution

A company's global distribution can affect its performance in many ways. Severe weather, political turmoil, and international conflicts all impact a company's pool of human assets. Local legislation and regulatory changes can also affect the way a company operates. Our software gives you the tools to predict how industries may react to world events.

Skill Retention

Our workforce intelligence software also shows you how good a company is at keeping experienced employees. You get information on hiring trends, employee attrition rates, and more.

Put Our Software to Work for You

Our software makes it easy to have all the information you need at your fingertips. The workforce intelligence software provided by Revelio Labs may help save you time on due diligence and make better investments. Schedule a demo today.