How Workforce Intelligence Optimizes Your Merger Process

by Revelio LabsAugust 12, 2022

In the business world, any device that helps one gain more success should be sought after. Workforce intelligence is one of those tools. Many business-related items are helped by this data. What about your merger process?

What Is the Merger Process?

The merger process can feel complicated and difficult to understand. A business merger is the combination of two existing companies into one company. Mergers can happen between two similar companies or two different that may complement each other. For example, Microsoft and LinkedIn or AT&T and DirectTV. This type of business transaction can be a lengthy process but is meant to create a more favorable outcome.

Workforce Intelligence: A Definition

Revelio Labs has conquered workforce intelligence. Workforce intelligence is the instrument to help investors and companies understand workplace patterns. Our workforce intelligence gathers information from all public and over 2,000,000 private businesses. Some of this information includes company structure, hiring trends, geographic information, and different career transitions, as well as ethnicity and gender demographics. We then build specific tools to help individuals like asset managers understand this type of data. This information helps investors and businesses grasp and take advantage of their workplace dynamics.

Ways Workforce Intelligence Can Help Your Merger

It can be challenging to understand the short and long-term effects of a merger deal. There are many complex elements that it is easy to see how mergers can fail. If you are considering a merger, Revelio Labs has tools to help decisions making easier.

How does an investor or business partner see that their merger achieves exactly what they want? Our workforce intelligence tools allow you to track what makes a positive or negative merger relationship. You will be able to compare workforce cultures and how they may complement each other. How else does workforce technology help?


Our data tools are customizable to your specific needs. The data we have accumulated and continue to accumulate is dated back to 2008 and is updated every month. The software we used allows individuals like investors, corporate strategists, HR teams, and governments to build specific reports for one or several company workforces. If you are planning on merging your company with another you will be able to compare and contrast the information you seek. This material can consist of future revenue, employee salaries, their geographical location, acquired education, skills, etc. Because businesses and investors are able to customize their data to their specific needs, it is easier to decide whether or not your merger will be a success.

Employee Information

It is no secret that what makes most businesses better are the employees. If you are considering a merger you may want to look at the employees of the other company because soon they will also be your employees. Our workforce intelligence data allows you to find all the employee information you need. You are able to find where the employees are located, the skills/education they have achieved; if they are able to advance within the company, which employees are more likely to leave after a merger, etc.

The other benefit of this employee information software is that you are able to help the future of your employees. Workforce intelligence software allows you to pull data from questionnaires that are taken by employees. The data that is collected can show you where/if there is low performance, dissatisfaction, gaps in knowledge, issues in leadership, difficult communication, or even if there is a higher turnover rate. This information can help you make your merger decision quicker and more efficiently.

Track Workforce Changes

Revelio Labs workforce intelligence tools give you the ability to track workforce changes. Why does this help your potential merger? When you are planning on merging two companies the more information to help you plan, the better. Businesses or investors who track workforce trends will often have the upper hand.

Our workforce tools can help you find trends that are beginning to form in your industry. You can also track changes that are occurring internally. Other changes to track are along the lines of technology. Modern technology changes day by day and if you are unable to keep up with trends, your company may decline. Tracking technology trends get your business to a more efficient wavelength. When you track these trends you are able to plan for a future of success within your own company as well as a potential merger.

The Force Behind a Merger

Money is a driving force behind a merger for most investors. Workforce intelligence gives you the gear to track what your money is going into. When you are able to track what technology is working for you and what is not, you are able to become more cost-effective. Tracking changes gives you more access to refine the processes to where your money is going.

Post-merger Optimization

After you have decided to merge your company with another, workforce intelligence will continue to assist you. Here is how that can happen:

Business Goals

Our data tools will help you and the business you have merged with set solid business goals. You should consider these points for proper business planning: goals regarding customers, employee development, financial, and overall growth. Revelio Labs offers action-based goals and different plans to achieve them.

Performance Assessment

Once merged, you will want to assess how your employees are doing post-merge. Measure the progress of your employees before, during, and after the combination. How many new hires? How many employees stayed on board? What type of improvement have you seen since? What are you lacking? When you assess the performance of employees you are able to improve the success of the merger.

Workforce Intelligence for Mergers

There are many ways that mergers can become a poor choice. Workforce intelligence data keeps your business from sinking. Here at Revelio Labs, we set you up with the tools you need to optimize the success of your merger and the process in which it happens. Contact us today for an informational demo of our services.