How To Use Workforce Intelligence as an Asset Manager

by Revelio LabsFebruary 6, 2023

Current workforce intelligence is invaluable when planning significant investments. Data is a potent tool for asset managers trying to grow their client's portfolios. It helps quantify risks and predict future trends. The detailed information provided by Revelio Labs can revolutionize your investment strategy.

Key Aspects of Workforce Intelligence

Revelio Labs offers cutting-edge analytics that gives asset managers an edge when evaluating an investment. Close examination of a company's workforce composition, hiring trends, and other metrics shed light on its internal dynamics. Comparing these metrics to those of other companies in their field can help investors understand a company.

Job Categories

Analyzing the composition of a company's workforce offers insight into its focus. The ratios of engineers, managers, financiers, and other roles provide clues to how the company plans to achieve its goals. It can also reveal workforce inefficiencies that may cause problems for the company and its shareholders.

The top skills a company relies upon offer another peek into the company's strategy. Information about the company's skill base can help you evaluate the strength of an investment.


Knowing how a company distributes itself globally can help you predict how world events may affect a company. While global markets are inextricably connected, the effects of world events are not uniform. Natural disasters and international conflict are just two events that can profoundly impact business operations. Knowing how a company might be affected by a major event can be valuable when deciding whether to buy or sell.

Calamitous events are far from the only reason to review a company's global distribution. Knowing when and where a company outsources labor offers insight into its supply chain and whether or not something as simple as local regulation may become a problem or an opportunity.

Hiring and Attrition

Asset managers can use a company's hiring patterns to evaluate its internal culture. Surges in hiring can indicate plans to expand. At the same time, a sudden dip could be a troubling sign of hard times to come.

Attrition and tenure are similarly useful gauges of a company's health. A company with trouble retaining skilled workers may also have difficulty performing well in its market. Whereas a company that keeps employees longer than average may be a good bet for long-term stability.

Salary, Gender, and Ethnicity

How a company's wages compare with its competitors can predict how its employee tenure may change. Salary data is more information that will be useful to an asset manager looking to add a company to their portfolio.

The gender and ethnic makeup of a company may also affect a company's performance in the market. Understanding the makeup of a company's workforce can help you identify issues that may become a problem. Demographic information can make a company more or less attractive to some investors.

Make Better Decisions With Workforce Intelligence

Choosing a good investment is about understanding a company. The more data you have at your disposal, the better you can predict a company's market performance. Revelio Labs gives you the workforce intelligence you need to make the best investments possible. Contact us for a demo.