How to Invest Effectively Using Workforce Intelligence

by Revelio LabsSeptember 12, 2022

Making an investment of any kind is a big deal. When you choose to invest in a company there are varying aspects that you may want to consider. These facets can be found using Revelio Labs workforce intelligence tools.

What Is Workforce Intelligence?

Workforce intelligence is the combination of public and private records. These records are found and combined to make a large HR database. This information allows you to understand the dynamics of any workplace. You can find information such as:

  • Job Vulnerability
  • Offshoring
  • Competition
  • Expenses
  • Company Transitions
  • Macro Trends
  • Gender
  • Ethnicity

Revelio Labs has the tools within our workforce intelligence software to help make your investment effective.

Where Do We Get Our Data?

The data we collect is found from all public records as well as some private records. We pull specific information from these records to create our database. Our workforce intelligence includes these five areas:

  • Data from online profiles: The online profiles we pull are generally a full-time series of an individual. The information we collect includes titles and companies worked at, dates of employment, types of education and skills achieved, and more.
  • Data from job postings: There are many job posting boards. We collect the posting dates, their job descriptions, and the salaries of every position. 
  • Data from employees: We gather intel on companies via employees with both scoring reviews and actual word reviews. 
  • Data from the government: The government publishes data often and it can help with your investment. We find domestic and global labor statistics, immigration filings, voter registration, census information, and social security data. 
  • Data from firmographics: We find information for those considering a merger as well. This includes subsidiary-parent relationships of companies and their industry classifications. 

After all of this data is found and combined, we then send it out to our customers monthly. We deliver our workforce intelligence data in three ways:

  1. Raw feed/API is sent to all of the customers. We update the raw data monthly and delivered it in the format of their choice. Larger research teams tend to use this delivered option the most.
  2. Our investors use the reports to find their perfect match. These are also sent monthly and in a format that works for you.
  3. We can give you access to Revelio Labs software terminal to provide you with you a wide view of all the companies we have collected from. Our terminal allows you to track by company, position, job title, seniority, and geography.

How to Use Workforce Software for Investing

A potential investor may want to add workforce intelligence to their investment process. Here is how you can compare and contrast potential investment opportunities:

Set Business Goals

When investing, it is beneficial to know your investment's business goals. The right business goals assist in determining your investment. Once you have sorted out your own business goals, you can look to the business investments to see if they align with your own.

Find Risks

You can find the risk factor of companies you are considering investing in. How does this business handle certain risks? What risk may happen? You may want to consider these details:

  • Location
  • Mode of operation
  • The projected volume of work
  • Current and past financial goals
  • Employee loss and gain

Evaluate the Workplace

Examining the workplace can assist investors in their decisions. This can give you a glimpse into the future by looking at the current state of the company their current state. To fully understand the investment opportunities you need to understand their workplace. Revelio Labs gives you the following information to gain insight:

  • Measures that distinguish abilities and skills
  • Contracts work data, which includes fluctuations in supplementary workers
  • Demographics
  • Distributions of workers per department
  • Types of employment
  • Labor turnover statistics per role, type, and division
  • Length of service
  • Recruitment information, which includes the quality of hire, sources of hire, and cost per hire
  • Details about rewards such as which workers are getting rewards and recognized
  • Information about salaries

Once you have evaluated the workplace, you can have a better understanding of the workplace and better understand if the workplace is an environment you are willing to work with. 

Examine the Future of the Company

As an investor, you are likely to look toward the future of the company you are wanting to work with. Our data can provide you with multiple ways to establish what type of future you want to see in the company. This involves taking the company's data in real-time and then adding your long-term goals. You can find the information you need with the following:

  • Predictable changes that may happen in the job designs, business structure, and positions
  • Changes that are likely to happen in the technology, products, markets, and services
  • Strengthened success and efficiency
  • Prediction of the workforce needs that concerning the business' goals and vision

Not only can you foresee the future of the company you are wanted to invest in, but you can also see what the future of the staff looks like with:

  • Occupation
  • Location of all positions
  • Grades
  • Full-time equivalent requirements

When you understand the future of your investment, it will be easier to make a plan.

Plan of Action

Investors can create their own plan of action with these workforce intelligence tools. To create a working plan, use the information that we find. This may include risks, a change in the workplace, past mistakes, employee information, and more. The plan of action you choose with the data we have pulled is can be far more successful than without it.

Workforce Intelligence for Investing

Investing can be a stressful time but, in the long run, is worth it. When you invest in Revelio Labs workforce intelligence software, you are making an investment in your investment. The more information you gather about your potential investment, the more likely you are to have success in it. Our team is here to help you through the entire data collection process. Revelio Labs is here to make the investing procedure simpler for any business.