How Revelio Labs Manages Your Workforce Data

by Revelio LabsAugust 15, 2022

At Revelio Labs, we provide you with real-time tools that offer you in-depth insights. Whether you're an asset manager or a business, our workforce data tools can help you stay ahead. Our analytics tools supply you with details about the nature of each company. These insights can give you ideas on how you can improve the way you do business.

Here are some ways how our tools can help manage your workforce data:

1. Revelio Labs Helps You Stay On Track With Your Goals

Before you begin using our tools, you need to know who your stakeholders are. Knowing your audience gives you a clear picture of how you'll create your reports, dashboards, and data sources.

Here are some guidelines to follow before you proceed to use our workforce tools:

  • Make a list of people who will be using the data tools.
  • Determine their exact needs.
  • Find out what technical skills they have.

Once you finish your research, find out which type of data report works best for each stakeholder. Some may prefer those with real-time data that they can check daily. Others may want them monthly and to come with more advanced metrics.

These guidelines help you create reporting schedules earlier and provide stakeholders instant access to reporting tools. Proper workforce data reporting routines help you and your team stay on track with your business goals.

2. Revelio Labs Allows You to Customize Your Reports

At Revelio Labs, we bring you data about every public company and more than two million companies. We update our data sets monthly and have a built-in dashboard that helps you find and view data faster. Our tools help you narrow down your search to the companies that match your interests and search criteria.

We have software that lets you make custom reports for single or multi-company trends. Here are some types of workforce data you can compare as you create them:

  • The average tenure of workers
  • Employee locations
  • Projected revenue
  • Expected skills
  • Education levels
  • Worker salaries

Custom reports with new data help you gain valuable insights on how to improve your business functions.

3. Revelio Labs Provides You With a Long Range of Data History

The lack of ample data time frames has been an issue for many companies. Our team provides you with detailed data that goes back decades. We understand the benefits of having enough data history so you can have the best insights for any data set.

Here are three types of information you can track with our tools:

  • Job posts
  • Personal profiles
  • Resumes

Our long range of data history gives you the edge of learning about market trends and changes. These insights will help guide you toward the best decision for your business.

4. Revelio Labs Provides You With the Most Dependable Data Sources

As technologies evolve and change, new jobs and companies emerge each day. These conditions require investors to adjust their data frequently to remain informed on current trends.

Here are four things businesses need to update to keep up with the fast-evolving trends:

  • Locations
  • Policies
  • Positions
  • Worker salaries

Revelio Labs has tools that provide signals to help you gain or keep your market advantage. Our data experts can detect even the smallest of changes or monthly variations. Our tools provide you with the most accurate insights into your recent findings.

Data Delivery Options Our Team Can Provide You

We offer a range of data delivery options that can help meet your needs. Here are the three main options we offer to help you stay ahead:

  • Access to our terminal to obtain a board view of a business
  • Raw data in your format of choice for your large research teams to use
  • Summary reports for more limited or unique uses

When you need to manage and view your insights, you can count on them to be recent and updated. Our data delivery services will help you create game plans that help you meet your goals.

5. Revelio Labs Lets You Create Dashboards That Help Tell Your Story

Our tools allow you to see snapshots of a company's workforce through a dashboard. According to a study by 3M, people process visuals 60,000 times faster than text. Choosing how to visualize your dashboard makes a difference in helping you and your users interpret the data.

Here are three tips on how you can create the best dashboard:

Use Workforce Data Tools To Make Your Visuals Adaptable

The first step in creating a dashboard is to check to see that your visuals can adapt to any device. Whether you use desktop, tablet, or mobile, dashboards that can adjust to screen size give users a more pleasant experience. Dashboards with these qualities will help you and your team have the best access to your data.

Space Out Your Dashboard

Proper use of white space is another factor for user experience. If your work involves deep analyses, dashboards may clutter up and confuse your users.

Data filters can help you address these issues and let you space out your board. These tools allow you to present your findings on one screen and adjust the charts during a meeting.

Make The Best Use Of Colors And Logos In Your Dashboard

Dashboards work best when you personalize them with the colors and logos of your business. When you match your dashboard visuals to your brand, it will appear more professional in the eyes of your stakeholders.

Enacting these measures helps your dashboard have a clear and simple workflow that gives you and your users the clearest insights.

6. Revelio Labs Provides You With The Most Modern Tech Options

Our data team uses leading-edge analyses to clear out data shortfalls, such as reporting lags or biases in sampling.

Here are three sources we use to gather and decode data:

  • Government filings
  • Job posts
  • Professional profiles

Our tech options help us track deviations that can go unnoticed on older tools. They provide you with the latest factual data you need to make investment decisions on companies worldwide.

Our modern tech tools will help you gain a sense of calmness and lead you toward growth for your business.

Choose Workforce Data Tools That Help You Stay Ahead

At Revelio Labs, we're proud to provide you with workforce data tools that bring you the most valuable insights. Sign up for our demo today, and let us help you reach your potential. We're here to help you receive information on workforce composition to assist your business decisions.