How Often Do You Need Workforce Data?

by Revelio LabsMarch 9, 2023

Workforce data provides valuable information that can help you learn more about a company's workforce and internal processes. Knowing a company's hiring trends, job categories, skills, and employee demographics can give you a deeper understanding of their business. If you are an investor looking to gain insight into other companies or want to use data for personal use within your company, Revelio Labs' data reports can help you.

How Often Do I Need Workforce Data?

Workforce data can help you stay ahead of your competitors. The data generated by Revelio Labs updates monthly, so you always have recent analytics and information. Your company's size and goals can influence how often you need workforce data, but monthly reports can give you a competitive edge.

How Can Monthly Data Help Your Business?

Monthly data reports allow you to stay current and up-to-date with multiple businesses. This can help you avoid costly pitfalls and help you make educated, data-driven decisions.

Identify and Address Specific Issues

Monthly data reports can help you identify problem areas within your company. Our reports can help you determine if you are facing issues, such as high turnover rates, and can help you monitor your progress as you address them. Utilizing data can help you fine-tune your processes and avoid wasting time on unsuccessful strategies.

Help You Navigate Changes

If your company is experiencing rapid growth or implementing significant changes, regular data reports can help you stay on track. You can also analyze reports on your competitors to help you identify where you may need to make changes.

Stay On Top of Market Trends

Our reports can help you identify market trends. A deeper understanding of your market and where it is trending can help you make smarter business decisions and plans. This information can also help investors identify emerging opportunities.

Make Smarter Investment Decisions

If you are an investor considering investing in a company, our data reports can help you decide if something is worth putting money towards. Access to current data can protect your time and help you determine whether you want to invest. Our reports can also help you understand the market so you know what to look for going forward.

Build and Improve Your Workforce

One significant benefit of workforce data is that it helps you understand your workforce better. You can compare your workforce demographics with other companies to help you identify the employees that you need to hire. When you get monthly reports, you can immediately decide what talent to hire and fill holes as needed instead of waiting extended periods of time for the data.

Help You Remain Competitive

Our reports can tell you the average employee salary at your competitors' companies. If you notice this number starting to rise, you may need to raise salaries at your company to remain competitive. You can also analyze their hiring and attrition rates to help you determine if they are able to retain their employees more effectively than your business can. If this is the case, you can evaluate its reason and how to fix it.

What Types of Businesses Can Benefit From Monthly Data Reports?

Any business can benefit from regular reports on their market and competitors, but some may find it especially helpful, including:

  • Companies in fast-paced industries. Industries such as healthcare and technology can change rapidly, making monthly data reports even more useful.
  • Start-ups and companies that are experiencing rapid growth. When your business changes constantly, monthly data can keep you on track.
  • Midsized to large companies. Larger companies can benefit from regular reports to keep track of their extensive workforce.

How Is Our Data Delivered?

Revelio Labs can deliver your monthly workforce data in three different ways:

  • Reports. Our reports are easy to read and understand and can be delivered in any format. Reports can be ideal for fundamental investors.
  • Raw feed. The raw feed contains the same valuable data and information without having been compiled into a report. The raw feed is best suited for large research teams. A raw feed can also be delivered in any format.
  • Access to the Revelio Labs terminal. The last way to receive workforce data is through access to our Revelio Labs terminal. This terminal can give you a broad overview of your selected companies and track specific aspects such as positions, job titles, and geography. No setup or analytics are required.

Stay Updated With Revelio Labs

Whether you are an investor monitoring multiple companies or a business owner looking to improve your own company, workforce data from Revelio Labs can help you reach your goals. Data from our reports may help you decrease business costs, improve your hiring process, and assist you in making difficult decisions. Our monthly reports can give you access to the most recent data available. To receive monthly reports from Revelio Labs, request a demo today.