Has Apple's Focus On Their Carbon Footprint Really Increased Sales

by Revelio LabsNovember 19, 2020

Examining the talent within a company can help investors and other organizations assess environmental responsibility. That’s something made possible by the workforce intelligence data provided by Revelio Labs. To illustrate the importance of environmental responsibility, let’s take a look at Apple.

The company has been taking action to help combat climate change, and recently, they announced their commitment to becoming 100 percent carbon neutral by 2050. But, has committing to a reduction in carbon footprint increased sales for Apple?

Follow the Money

Today more investors are paying attention to ESG (environmental, social, and governance) performance, which places pressure on major organizations to perform. But the rewards are great when companies get it right. For example, the international oil company BP saw a rise in shares following the news that it's planning to cut oil and gas production by 40 percent.

Apple’s carbon footprint commitment began sometime in 2007, and since then, its revenue plus net income has risen continuously.

Apple's revenue history, according to Macro Trends (in billions).

Apple's net income history, according to Statista (in billions).

These stats allude that Apple’s focus on climate change issues may have helped bolster its reputation and subsequently increased its revenue over the years.

A Stand for Green

These days subpar environmental performance is hard to hide and threatens the reputation of major companies. Organizations like the Carbon Disclosure Project help keep corporations accountable and focused on climate change issues. No company wants a damning evaluation by such organizations.

One notable evaluation is Greenpeace’s “Green myApple” campaign, which launched in 2006. Soon after that, Steve Jobs publicly announced its plans for "A Greener Apple." The campaign must have made Apple concerned about a backlash against them for their low environmental ratings.

Climate Change Will Remain a Top Focus

A prime Apple competitor, Google, has also been redefining corporate leadership by addressing climate change issues for many years. The company is now carbon neutral and has achieved 100 percent renewable energy. Their new aim is to be the first major corporation to operate carbon-free. Apple is yet to become carbon neutral but aims to do so by 2030.

Additionally, a recent study by IBM and the National Retail Federation found that 70 percent of North American consumers prefer eco-friendly or sustainable brands. With this statistic, it’s no wonder more corporations have begun focusing on climate change issues.

Given Apple’s reputation for being cutting-edge and neat, it cannot ignore climate change. Doing so would most likely affect its reputation, revenues, and profits.