Choosing the Right Workforce Intelligence Software

by Revelio LabsMarch 14, 2023

To choose the right workforce intelligence software, there are some key items that you should look for. At Revelio Labs, we offer software to help investors, business owners, asset managers, and more. Here is what you should know about choosing our workforce intelligence data software:

Variety of Sources

We collect the information for our software from a wide variety of sources. These sources include online professional profiles, government data, job postings, employee reviews, and firmographic data. When choosing workforce intelligence software, it is key to have a variety of sources of data because it allows you to have different points of view. The more data this type of software provides, the easier it may be to find answers or create a better action plan.

Past and Present Data

Another key element to look for in workforce data software is whether or not there is a wide range of data from the past and present. At Revelio Labs, our data goes all the way back to 2008. Past data can be helpful for many different situations, like investors choosing an investment opportunity. They can look at our past data to find where and how a company has improved throughout the years. They can then compare the past and present data we provide to choose an appropriate investment.

Customizable Reports

When looking at workforce data software, you may want to choose one that offers customizable reports. Customizable reports can be beneficial for those looking at their competitors. You can customize your data reports to gain information on what your competitors are doing so you can use it to your advantage. Our workforce software can customize reports to certain businesses, fields, or other factors. Custom reports can help you find what you are looking for more quickly.

Public and Private Data

Another advantage to using our workforce intelligence data software is that we provide coverage of all public companies and over 2,000,000 private companies. This allows you to access all of this information on one platform. Having access to all of these companies in one space can be helpful for quicker and more efficient decision-making.

Nowcasting and Lags

At Revelio Labs, we understand that there can be lags in reporting. We use a method called nowcasting. Nowcasting is when we look at a company’s history and find what was reported at the time. After the lag disappears, we take what the report represents and apply that to the most recent time period. Workforce data software should have compensating methods in place for when issues like this arise.

Choose Us for Your Workforce Intelligence Software

Choosing the right workforce intelligence data software can be a difficult decision. At Revelio Labs, we provide a software solution that can be used by various businesses in many different situations. Our software can provide customized reports from a wide range of sources. Investors, corporate asset managers, HR teams, and more can benefit from the data we provide. Contact our team today to learn more about choosing us as your workforce data provider.