A Guide to Understanding and Using Workforce Data

by Revelio LabsFebruary 8, 2023

The key to smart investing is learning as much as possible about the companies you want to trade. Knowing who the company is and what impact they want to have on the market helps savvy investors avoid underperforming stocks. Complete and accurate workforce data is a valuable asset.

Understanding Workforce Data

The data provided by Revelio Labs can revolutionize your investment strategy. Our cutting-edge data analytics can help you evaluate a company’s potential as an investment. Workforce data looks at what’s happening inside the company and reveals how it compares with its competitors. Our data offer insight into the following aspects of a company’s operations:

Employee Job Categories

Even small and relatively simple companies hire various specialists to achieve their goals. Understanding the composition of a company’s workforce gives you a peek into that company’s strategy. It can also reveal inefficiencies that may make that company a less sound investment than outward appearances may lead you to believe.

Understanding a company’s workforce goes beyond job titles; our data can show you what skill its employees have at their disposal. Knowing what skills a company has to work with helps you predict the company’s future performance.

Our we collect and standardize this data for apples-to-apples comparisons between companies.

Global Presence

The global market is vast and interconnected; events in one country can affect companies worldwide. Outsourcing can make it difficult to predict a company’s performance if you don’t know how it is distributed globally. Severe weather, international conflict, and changes in local regulations can all affect a company’s workforce and supply chain.

Revelio Labs provides concise data about how companies distribute themselves around the world. You can see what countries the company maintains offices in and what parts of the staff work there. Information like this gives you an advantage when predicting how fuel prices in Europe and real estate markets in Asia may affect a company’s stock.

Hiring and Attrition Patterns

A company’s internal culture can have a profound impact on its performance. A company with a happy workforce is more likely to retain highly skilled workers.

Workforce data provided by Revelio Labs can help you understand the internal workings of a company. High employee attrition rates could be a sign of trouble ahead. On the other hand, companies with above-average employee tenure may also have employees with a better-than-average mastery of their fields.

Hiring data can also be an indicator of short-term plans. Layoffs may be a bad sign for a company’s market performance, while a surge in hiring may indicate plans to expand.

Workforce Demographics

Revelio Labs provides data on the demographic makeup of a company. Understanding a company’s ethnic makeup can give insight into its focus. It is also helpful for predicting whether a company may have future trouble with politically charged issues.

Better Workforce Data, Better Investments

Revelio Labs provides a world-class database of detailed workforce data to investors. Our data scientists use the latest methods in statistical analysis to analyze publicly available data. Our approach to standardizing this information makes it easy for investors to know what is happening in any company. Contact us for a demo today.