5 Benefits of Analyzing Workforce Data With Revelio Labs

by Revelio LabsOctober 13, 2022

Workforce intelligence software can help enhance daily business operations, investments, and more. At Revelio Labs, we offer a robust database that can assist you. Here are some top-tier benefits of analyzing workforce data with us:

1. Making Better Investments

You can use workforce intelligence to make investing decisions. As an investor, choosing the right company to invest in can be difficult from just an outsider's perspective. Our workforce software can give you an insider's look into whatever company you are thinking of investing in. Here are some benefits of investing in workforce intelligence data:

  • Understand the entirety of a company before making a decision
  • View the hiring and attrition trends of certain companies
  • See unbiased reports of employee and company success
  • Evaluate different roads to success after an investment is made

We can give you reports on almost every public company and several private companies as well. These reports can be customized to give you only the information you need. Here are some reports we offer:

  • Employee Reports
  • Expenses Reports
  • Offshoring Reports
  • Competition Reports
  • Diversity Reports
  • Company Transition Reports
  • Hiring Reports
  • Trend Reports

Investors can use our workforce software to analyze the best company for their investment. After the investment takes place, an investor can continue to use this data to watch the progress of their investment.

2. Merging More Efficiently

The merging process can seem long and difficult, but with workforce data, it may not seem as daunting. At Revelio Labs, we help corporate merger processes become more streamlined. Here are some ways workforce data can help with your merging process:

Merging Employees: When you combine two companies into one it is key to make sure that your employees will work well together. A successful business is only as successful as its employees are. You can find data about employees and their feelings about a merger. Workforce data can show you who will likely stay with the company and who will not likely agree with a merger. If once you are merged, you need entirely new staff, workforce data can show you the best employee options. 

Merging Technologies: With workforce data, you can find whether or not the technologies two companies are using will merge correctly. You can also track which technologies will be more efficient after the merger has taken place. This can save you time and money before a merger takes place. 

Merging Skills: There are certain skills that are required for different companies. You can track the skill sets of employees and other departments to make sure they are in line with your goals.

When a company merges with another company, we include the subsidiary as a part of the parent company before the merger. We do this to avoid untrue information regarding when the merger took place. You can request for us to separate the data.

Corporate merging is all about analyzing the present and planning for the future. Workforce data from Revelio Labs can assist in streamlining your merger process.

3. Planning for Future Trends

As a business owner or investor, planning for the future of a company is key to success. You can use workforce intelligence software to plan for the future. Our software enables you to track changes in the industry as well as internal changes in your business.

If you are an investor, you can try out different business plans to see which gains you the most success. Business owners can track their current status and track different plans as well. You can track technology trends for your specific business.

Technology is ever-changing and is key to a successful business plan. Our data can show you trends that are worth investing in and which are on their way out.

Here are some examples of technology that may help you plan for the future:

  • Automatic Business
  • Blockchain
  • Cloud-Based Software
  • Cybersecurity
  • Digital Banking

When you are able to plan for the future of your business within its industry, you are more likely to be successful in your marketing campaigns.

4. Collecting a Robust Database

When you choose to analyze workforce data with Revelio Labs, you will get access to a robust database. We get our data from five different sources:

  • Employee Reviews: We find reviews on companies from employees. They are both review scores and written reviews. 
  • Firmographic Information: We gather merger relationships of companies, industry categories, and financial information.
  • Government Statistics: You can find government data with our software. We collect voter registration, social security data, census, labor statics, and more. 
  • Job Posts: Our database has information from different job posting sites. We gather dates jobs were posted, their descriptions, salaries, and more.
  • Professional Employee Profiles: We collect information from online professional profiles. This includes data such as titles, education, and skill sets. You can see employment dates and companies they have worked for. 

The database we offer at Revelio Labs updates every month. We send our partners a customized report every month. A robust database allows you to analyze what you need to meet your goals.

5. Setting Reachable Goals

Our data can give investors, HR departments, and business owners the information they need to set reachable goals. We can help you do this by finding potential risk factors for certain decisions.

Some risk factors we can help you analyze include the location of the business, patterns of employee loss, financial goals, and more. Our software allows you to stay on track with your goals by tracking changes. When you are able to track your current and future movements, setting reachable goals can be easier. 

Utilize Workforce Data With Revelio Labs

At Revelio Labs, we offer patented workforce data software. Our team uses the most up-to-date methods to remove any bias and to plan for lags in data collection. Your data can be customized to make sure you are getting all of the information you want and nothing more.

Partners of Revelio Labs can find reports daily to keep up with their goals. Analyzing workforce data can be beneficial for the future of your company, merger, or investment. Contact us today for a free demo.