Investors and the Workplace: How You Can Manage Your Data

by Revelio LabsJune 30, 2022

Humans are the driving force behind company success. It can be difficult to determine the employee makeup of a company. At Revelio Labs, we have pioneered workforce data software to quickly predict workforce composition and unify employees and job titles. Our technology takes workforce dynamics beyond the scope of human-based HR databases.

Investors should consider data management to get a complete awareness of the company they're investing in.

Data Management for Investors

Many companies prefer to have diverse workplaces to foster success. Before investing in a company, you will need to complete a full evaluation to understand the data of the company's workforce. Using our workforce data management technology helps investors get the full picture of a company. We will give you a series of reports outlining the makeup of the employees and their job roles.

Here are some benefits of data management for investors:

  • Investors can get a full understanding of a company
  • Investors can use workforce data management to manage hiring trends
  • Investors can get unbiased reports for all employees
  • Investors can streamline the evaluation process

Investors shouldn't invest blindly in a company without a third-person employee analysis. The investors can get evaluations from the company and compare them to the Revelio Labs reports. This will reveal anything the company may not be forthcoming about in terms of full-time and contract employees.

Understanding the Company

With our universal HR Database, companies can understand the basic company structure in terms of age, gender, and ethnicity. When a company is focused on growth or product development, the small details like employee makeup can seem inconsequential. In reality, the structure of employee diversity determines the success of the venture. A company can manage its success through workforce data by analyzing the dynamics of the profitable employees. Understanding what makes these employees successful can help investors understand the true value of the company before they invest.

Revelio Labs helps investors manage the data of a company to discover these trends of profit. We use the latest developments in our statistical research to provide unique insights into the company composition. An investor can benefit from this technology and statistical data when they are determining if a company is experiencing frequent employee loss or company transitions. If a company is struggling to retain employees, they need to understand the root cause behind the issue. Revelio Labs will help the investor identify common trends in employee loss and retention.

Using Workforce Data to Manage Hiring Trends

The hiring market has changed drastically in the past few years. Employers are struggling to determine how to attract and retain employees. We provide a way for investors to understand the latest hiring trends using a database of different company employment information. Our statistical scientists analyze the data to provide investors with information on the best employee incentives whether or not a company is enacting successful hiring strategies.

Using this technology, an investor can determine which companies will be successful in their employee retention. Our data reveals if the company is focused on finding successful employees or if they are hiring quickly just to have more people. Investors can identify the viability of a company based on its employee structure. After investing in a company, investors can use the hiring trend information to increase profitability.

Working With Technology to Remove Bias

Human-driven surveys often lead to skewed data. When you get information from a company you are considering investing in, they may present you with the most flattering information they have. As much as they try to make the information impartial, that may be impossible for the company. The company may consider certain information inconsequential, even though it helps investors understand the workforce dynamic.

Our workforce data management platform is scientifically designed to offer fully unbiased information about the company composition. We use hundreds of millions of public documents with AI-powered software to create a universal HR database. We include all employees in our reports, including contingent employees. Some companies may not report these contingent workers, making our reports more comprehensive.

Our Workforce Data Software

If you're an investor currently evaluating a company, our software can help. At Revelio Labs, we have created revolutionary survey software to understand workforce dynamics. With a complete report on the workforce of a company, you can understand its full value. Our database is updated monthly or whenever our customers request. You can get the information as raw data or organized into reports for ease of access.

Our evaluations are unbiased and reveal the inner workings of a company, including the rate of retention. Working with a third party for your investment evaluation allows you complete control of the information. Investors will be able to make an informed decision about the company with our data management services. Contact us today to set up an appointment and get a demo.