How The CEO of Figma Went from a CS Intern to the Head of a $2 Billion Company

by Revelio LabsMarch 22, 2021

Are you looking to understand the trends that lie behind a company? Today’s workforce data can be difficult to interpret. Here, we take a look at Figma, a collaborative software company for designers, and its CEO, Dylan Field:

What is Figma?

Founded in 2012, Figma’s cloud-based screen design tools allow design teams to effectively collaborate. For companies as big as Uber and Microsoft, Figma has been implemented for a hassle-free design process. Its users include designers, developers, and marketers.

Overall, Figma’s goal is to make design more accessible to everyone. The democratization of design is an essential component of Figma’s mission statement. By allowing accessibility to a greater range of voices, the company hopes to bring out the best in the new generation of designers. In doing so, it aims to produce apps that are clean, consistent, and easy-to-use.

From Intern to CEO

During the course of his educational career, Dylan Field dabbled with design and computer science. After a college internship at the news-sharing service Flipboard, Field discovered his passion for product design. The seeds of the company that would be called Figma had been planted.

The Launch

Of course, actualizing this idea was a lot easier said than done. After several years of beta testing and experimentation, Figma finally introduced a paid membership option in 2017. This transition wasn’t a simple one - after all, before working as CEO, Field only had experience as a computer science intern. Figma required him to learn how to fundraise, grow, manage, and maintain a company, all while focusing on delivering the best final product possible. That’s no easy feat.

The Future

Now that the company has gained more traction, its goal is to increase growth. As part of this, Figma is working to standardize app design for simplicity and better user interface (UI) compatibility. Field also plans on acquiring several smaller companies and expanding the Figma Community for designer collaboration.

And then what? With Fields’ forward-thinking approach to design, Figma hopes to become a force to be reckoned with in the design community. The company has already gained customers from several smaller platforms and is preparing to take on Adobe, the king of design platforms. Figma hopes to differentiate itself from Adobe by focusing on its collaborative community of app designers.

Since the onset of COVID-19, Figma has welcomed new users of all kinds to the platform. From interface design to visual communication, users are making Figma their own and using its tools to elevate their design game.

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