3 Ways Workforce Intelligence Can Help HR With the Hiring Process

by Revelio LabsApril 26, 2021

If you are looking for an effective way to track productivity in the workplace, then it is time to consider workforce intelligence software. This type of software has endless ways to help you track productivity and choose the most eligible and promising job applicants. Over time, this software can save your company money on the entire hiring process.

What is Workforce Intelligence Software?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a program that collected data sets regarding workplace productivity, employee feedback, and behaviors and turned them into readable patterns? This is what workforce intelligence software does!

When workforce intelligence gives you patterns that are easy to understand, and it also gives you the opportunity to create an action plan. For instance, have you found that there is a consistent and unexplained uptick in employee absences? If so, you might find a change in your company’s leave policy is necessary. An action plan is where change starts and is made possible by workforce intelligence programs.

3 Ways Workforce Intelligence Can Help HR With the Hiring Process

#1: Determine the Eligibility of an Applicant for a Position

The cost of listing a position, interviewing, and hiring adds up over time. So, it is natural that hiring an employee and later discovering they are not fit for the position can cause a company to lose money and see a decrease in productivity.

How can a workforce intelligence platform help? Using advanced analytics takes the answers to your application and translates them into a data set that conveys whether an applicant is eligible.

For instance, if you’ve ever applied to a job at a large department store, you’ve probably filled out one of those long, seemingly endless questionnaires. Personality traits and ‘what would you do’ scenarios are the focus of these surveys.

Workforce intelligence takes the answers to these questionnaires and compares them against what you are looking for in the position. If a candidate matches, they could potentially move on to the next steps in the hiring process.

#2: Lower Employee Turnaround

The entire process of using workforce intelligence actually lowers the likelihood of a high employee turnaround rate. By using this software, you are giving your employees a job they are suited for.

Additionally, this software can monitor and facilitate a productive workforce. Once you have hired your employees, it is important to consider their feedback on the work environment.

After all, a pleasant work environment is key to a productive workforce. In the digital age, it is easier than ever to send out email surveys in bulk. You have a higher likelihood that your employees will fill them out if they know they remain anonymous with their answers.

#3: Analyze Data Streams

As stated previously, workforce intelligence can analyze certain behaviors, feedback, and qualifications among your workforce and potential workforce. This helps keep your team productive in the workplace. In short, workforce intelligence software is a tool that can be used to facilitate change in the workplace.

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