Why Workforce Intelligence Can Help You Get Hired By Top Companies

by Revelio LabsJune 21, 2021

Are you looking to jump-start a new career but feel overwhelmed by the current job market? Frequently, potential employers that are looking to fill a position will have long and detailed applications. Often, these applications will also contain quizzes or questionnaires. These platforms utilize data from workforce intelligence software.

The Basics of Workforce Intelligence Software

In simple terms, workforce intelligence software is a platform that numerous companies use to collect data related to applicants and their skillset. Additionally, this software helps human resources monitor and track other factors within the workplace like absenteeism, job performance, and behaviors.

When specific trends become evident, decisions can be made about how an issue should be corrected. The data that workforce intelligence software collects is powerful in that it helps managers make informed decisions about how to change or address specific aspects of the work environment.

How Does This Software Help You Get Hired?

When you fill out an online application, every portion is equally as significant as the next. Although the questionnaires can often seem pointless and neverending, all of your answers will rank in your favor or against it.

This process cuts the time human resources have to spend vetting potential candidates. When you fill out your application, keep yourself focused on the potential of being matched with a great job, all because workforce intelligence is analyzing your skillset. The bottom line is that workforce intelligence helps accelerate the hiring process, saving the company both time and money.

Filling Out Your Application

The questionnaires on most applications do not have time limits unless they are tests that are gauging your skill level in specific areas. As you go through the questions, take your time and consider the answer options to each question.

Be prepared to spend close to an hour on each application. Some questions will ask you what you would do in specific scenarios, and others will ask about your personality or core values.

Pay attention to whether there is a back button on the questionnaire. Some applications will have these features; others will not. It is helpful to be able to go back and change an answer, but be prepared to have your first answer be your final one.

It is essential to give an honest answer to each question. You don’t want to risk being matched to a job that is not within your skillset.

Workforce intelligence finds the very best candidates for a position. Those decisions will be based on the answers you provide. Therefore, you can receive a more favorable outcome by answering openly and honestly.

Need Help?

Workforce intelligence benefits the company that uses it and the job candidate. It also benefits the employees that work at the company. Feedback surveys are a great way to gauge how employees view the workplace. And it helps employers determine what changes can be made for the better.

Revelio Labs provides workforce intelligence to companies all over the nation, giving them the advantage in choosing and hiring employees. Contact Revelio Labs today for more information about how your company can benefit from workforce intelligence.