Growing Your Business With Workforce Data

by Revelio LabsApril 9, 2023

Workforce data can help grow your business with several of the different functions it provides. At Revelio Labs, we offer a robust workforce intelligence program that can help businesses, investors, and other industries grow. Here is what you should know about the pathway to growth workforce data can provide you:

Workforce Data and Your Business

Your business can use workforce intelligence data to accelerate hiring processes, rise above your competition, and reduce turnover. Here is how you can achieve these business milestones with our data:

Accelerate Hiring Processes

Hiring the right employees starts with being able to see all of the best potential candidates. Workforce intelligence data can give your business the opportunity to find the best candidates. We provide you with data like a candidate's employment history, education, titles, and skills. We gather this information directly from online professional profiles.

With workforce data, you can have all this information and more regarding potential employees. Having this information while moving forward with hiring processes allows you to choose the right employee for the job more quickly. Potential candidates may avoid adding certain items to their application or resume, but you can have access to their full-time work series, as it is published online with workforce data. Accelerating your hiring processes with workforce intelligence data can grow your business by reducing employee turnover by hiring qualified candidates the first time.

Rise Above Your Competition

You can find ways to rise above your competition with the data provided by workforce intelligence software. This software can give you information on your competitors, like salary's of their employees, employee demographics and skillsets, job categories, and more. Current and past employment information can help you understand how competitor employees function in the company.

You can also use the information from this workforce software to see the revenue of worldwide competitors. Our software can help you determine how a successful competitor has gained its revenue. You are able to find information on when your competitor merged into new markets and when they outsource or offshore. By finding this information, you can discover how your competitors are becoming successful and try to mimic their results.

Eliminate Unsuccessful Pathways

Revelio Labs can give you information to eliminate unsuccessful pathways that other companies have used. You can track your competitors' or other businesses' past and present pathways. Studying these pathways lets you determine which ones to incorporate into your business plan. One benefit to having workforce intelligence is that you can see the mistakes that other businesses like yours have made and avoid them. This could save you time and money in the long run as you strive to grow your business.

Make Business Investments

If your business is investing, you may want to consider using workforce data because it can give you a behind-the-scenes look before making your choice. You can gather information regarding the technology that is in use, which competitor may be more successful, performance patterns, and more.

Each industry has different technology, and having newer technology may help them rise above other companies. Investors can use workforce data to find which companies are using higher-quality technology in their businesses. Companies that are utilizing the right type of technology may remain successful while keeping up with demand. Inventors can choose these companies to invest in rather than those who are using outdated technology.

You can use this technology to seek out companies with more reliable performance patterns. Our data begins in 2008 and is updated each month, which gives investors a wide range of information to pull from on performance. As an investor, you can use our data to track your investment options before, during, and after the investment is made to make sure those companies align with the goals you've set.

Track Your Growth

Businesses can benefit from tracking their own growth with workforce data. Revelio Labs technology can make it easier to track your differences and see what has been successful or unsuccessful. Tracking the growth of your business can help you avoid mistakes that you may have forgotten about in your business history. You can learn more about your company with workforce data. Tracking your history can help you identify times of growth and decline and determine patterns to follow in the future.

Grow Your Business With Revelio Labs

At Revelio Labs, we aim to help you grow your business by providing information on different public and private companies. We can send you monthly customized reports in various formats, and you can access an online database that is constantly updated. Customized reports allow you to have the information you need without sorting through what you don't need. We can send the information in simplified forms to help you get the most out of it. Contact Revelio Labs to learn more about workforce intelligence software and how it may help you grow your business.