Features To Look For in Workforce Intelligence Software

by Revelio LabsFebruary 9, 2023

There are many reasons to try to understand how a company works. Whether you are looking for investment opportunities or evaluating a rival, detailed information gives you an advantage. There is a wealth of publicly available information about a company's staff, but finding it is difficult. Workforce intelligence software is a powerful tool that collects this information for you and presents it in an easy-to-use form.

Information Workforce Intelligence Software Should Offer Investors

Revelio Labs provides accurate workforce information to investors and business leaders. We believe workforce intelligence software should give you as complete a picture of a company's internal affairs as possible. Here are some of the main things you should know about other companies:

Job Categories

Understanding a company's employees is the beginning of understanding that company. Data about the professionals that work for a company is a powerful tool for understanding that company's strategy.

Our software combs publicly available records for this information. It automatically standardizes employee job categories for easy comparison with other companies and presents them concisely.

Company Skill Base

A clear picture of what skills a company relies upon offers another valuable insight into how a company operates. The skills a company emphasizes in its workforce can help investors predict aspects of that company's future performance. Workforce intelligence should give you a clear overview of the company's expertise.

Hiring and Attrition Patterns

A company's hiring patterns and employee turnover rates say a lot about the internal culture of a company. A company with low employee tenure rates may have internal problems that drive experienced employees away.

Hiring rates can also reveal something about the company's plans for the future. A sudden spike in hiring could signify plans to expand, while a sudden dip may signify hard times to come.

Revelio Labs makes it easy to see a company's hiring and attrition patterns and compare them to other companies in the industry.

Worker Salary Information

Employee salary is a helpful indicator of the health of a company. A company with lower-than-average wages for its industry may indicate future attrition problems. Depending on your goals, this can be a red flag or an opportunity.

Global Distribution of Assets

World markets are dynamic and interconnected. Events in one country can affect markets in another. Conflict and natural disasters are prominent causes of disruptions in a company's operations. Still, more prosaic events like changes in local regulations or tariffs can significantly impact supply chains and other aspects of a business.

Our workforce software shows how companies distribute their operations globally. We can help you see where a company relies on outsourced labor with our tools. Information like this can help you predict how the latest breaking news may affect the performance of your investments.

Put Workforce Intelligence Software to Work for You

Revelio Labs makes it easy to collect and review the information that helps you predict a company's market performance. With the data our workforce intelligence software gives you, identifying investment opportunities is much easier. Contact us for a demonstration of what we can do for you.