A Guide to Using Workforce Intelligence Software

by Revelio LabsApril 9, 2023

At Revelio Labs, we condense large volumes of workforce data and make it openly accessible. Investors, business owners, hiring managers, and others can gain valuable insights into industry trends, areas for growth and opportunity, and much more. We have made our software easy to use and understand. Here is a guide to using our workforce intelligence software:


You can use our software to track workforce dynamics, trends, technology, competitors, and more. We gather our data from public and private businesses, industries, and corporations. Our software then standardizes the data to make it understandable.


A business owner can track the progress of their competitors through workforce software. You can customize monthly reports to show past and present information about one or multiple companies. The data can cover competitive areas such as targeted hiring skill sets, employee job satisfaction and geodiversity, attrition trends and areas of internal weakness, projected targets for growth and development, and more. By tracking your competitors, you can find specific ways to improve your own business and stay competitive.


Investors can track industries, businesses, and others to help them make dynamic investment decisions. They can track which industries have a high incline of success for investment deals. Investors can track trends in each industry and choose an industry that aligns best with their goals. After choosing an industry and business to invest in, investors can continue to track their investments to make sure they invested well or if they should invest in a different industry.


Technology can be a key factor in making a business successful, and our software can help you track it. Business owners can track technology in their industry to keep up with trends and demands. Tracking popular technology use can help you avoid technology that isn't helping other companies progress. If you are looking for new technology to use, you can track when it's been used and how it has held up over time. Tracking technology can help you save money and time before starting a business or using new technology.


You can use our workforce intelligence software to research aspects like jobs, skills, and other workplace dynamics. Here are some of the areas you can research with our software:


Investors can research what is impacting the workforce in a particular industry. Understanding what impacts the workforce can help investors choose which industry to invest in. You can also find businesses that may be seeking investors to assist with their startups, mergers, and other investment opportunities.


Those looking for a job can do their research on prospective companies with workforce intelligence. They can look for companies with small employee turnover, positive employee reviews, ethnic and gender diversity, and more. Potential employees can avoid companies that may have negative reviews or that do not align with their goals. You can also read other potential employees' skills to see whether you can remain competitive as an applicant.


Hiring managers can research what skills certain companies are looking for in employees. This can help you keep up with hiring trends and keep your employees up-to-date on skills they may need. Managers can also find employees that are searching for jobs like the ones you're offering. You may find information on potential employees that wasn't on their resume, which may help you avoid hiring the wrong employee.


You can search for business merging opportunities with workforce intelligence data. This can help you streamline the process of making sure a merger aligns with your goals. You can also create pathways of what your potential merger may look like after it's happened. You may also find information on whether or not your employees will blend well together after a merger. This can help you see whether new employees need to be hired.


You can utilize the information found with workforce data to create business plans. You can search and track competitors' companies or companies you want to emulate. After gathering information, you can create a plan that is similar to their successful business plan and mimic it in your own company. You can also go back through your own company's data with our software to find the areas where you may need improvement. Planning for future issues can help reduce the time and funds spent on reparations.


Whether you are a merger, an investor, or a business owner, location can make a big difference in your business planning. You can find information on states, cities, and other locations in regard to industries or businesses. This information can help you plan what employees to hire in that area, where your business can grow quickly, and where you should likely focus your efforts.

Choose Revelio Labs for Workforce Intelligence Software

At Revelio Labs, our software offers customized reports, a large online database, and more. We offer information on over 4.5 million companies, 1.1 billion professional profiles, 3.5 thousand skills, and activities, in 5.2 thousand cities and states. Contact us today to learn more about using workforce intelligence to your advantage.