Workforce Insights for Investment Management

Leading funds use Revelio Labs to predict firms’ financial performance and to make confident investment decisions

Assess Firms' Ability to Execute on Their Stated Strategy

Hiring and retaining the right talent is critical to companies’ performance. Assess whether firms have the talent needed to succeed using detailed breakdowns of a firms’ workforces

Netflix Hiring Outpaces Peers; International Expansion Doesn't Include Employees

Netflix continues to hire content producers at a significantly faster rate than its competitors, but the lack of international hires brings into question whether the company can cater to the tastes of non-US viewers and sustain global growth rates

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Human Capital Data and Financial Outcomes

Because of the integrated nature of employees within a company, understanding the employee dynamics can lead investors to better understand all the dynamics of a company. There is no part of a company, a strategy or a technology, that cannot be well represented through employees.

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Evaluate and Forecast Financial Performance

Use hiring and attrition trends as a leading indicator of personnel expenses and ultimately corporate earnings

Generate Increased Returns

Uncover patterns hidden in employment data and use them to generate alpha

Using Employee Turnover Data to Forecast Share Price Movements

Empirical evidence suggests that the financial performance of companies is inversely correlated with employee turnover. More interestingly, we look into this subject in more depth by assessing whether this relationship is exacerbated or dampened across particular industries or level of employee seniority.

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Corporate Profiling

Quickly understand companies of interest using aggregated statistics. Perform deeper analysis by creating custom reports

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Build reports specific to your areas of interest, including by role, geography, and seniority level—and easily compare across multiple firms


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